Medical Leave Process: Request Leave

Request Leave Process Overview

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Request Leave Process

  1. Complete request form.
    Employee must complete the Protected Leave Request Form, obtain supervisor's signature, and submit to HR Medical Leaves Coordinator at or faxed to 541-346-2548.
  2. HR reviews form.
    HR reviews the Protected Leave Request Form to determine if the employee meets the minimum qualifications. HR approves eligibilty for FMLA/OFLA leave, but does not approve work schedules or assignments, unless specified by thr employee's healthcare provider as a restriction or accommodation.
    • Meets minimum qualifications:
      • Employee will receive a Medical Certification Form from HR, which will need to be completed by the healthcare provider and submitted directly to HR within 15 days.
    • Does NOT meet minimum qualifications:
      • Employee and supervisor will be notified by the HR Medical Leaves Coordinator.
  3. Submit medical certification.
    HR reviews the Medical Certification Form to determine employee's eligibility and provide detailed information to both the employee and supervisor related to the employee's leave.

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