Outstanding Employee Awards


The 2024 winners have been announced! 

Thank you to everyone who submitted nominations and joined us at the celebration reception on May 22!

Outstanding Employee Award recipients are officers of administration and classified employees nominated by their peers, supervisors, and others who interact with them in the workplace. They're reliable community members who demonstrate on-the-job excellence, embody respect and inclusion, and inspire and motivate their colleagues.


Congratulations to the 2024 Outstanding Employee Award winners!

Classified Employees

Debbie Anders
Administrative Assistant, Gift Planning   
University Advancement

Emily Cornell    
Academic Specialist
College of Arts and Sciences

Tina Haynes
Employer Engagement Coordinator
University Career Center

Jacob Juge
Erb Memorial Union

Maya Lazaro
Education Program Assistant 2
School of Journalism and Communication

Azle Malinao-Alvarez
Digital Projects Consultant
UO Libraries

Cameron Mulder
Statistical Consultant 
UO Libraries

Officers of Administration

Fatma Ali
Student Life Care Coordinator
University of Oregon Portland

Elin England
Director of Alumni & Community Engagement
Clark Honors College

Anna Hejinian
Medical Director
University Health Services

Sarah Keiski
Assistant Dean for Student Affairs
School of Law

Jodi Myers
Senior Academic Business Coordinator
Knight Campus for Accelerating Scientific Impact

Kylie Yihua Post
Chinese Flagship Assistant Director
College of Arts and Sciences

Nikki Vance
Coordinator for Intramural Sports & Youth Camps
Physical Education and Recreation

Samantha Wallace
Assistant Director for Youth & Family
Physical Education and Recreation

Arturo Zavala
Associate Director of Academic Advising
College of Design


Selection Process

Outstanding Employee Award recipients are selected by a committee comprised of OAs and classified staff.  Committee members are obtained from the following sources: Previous winners, SEIU representatives, OA Council, and OA and classified Senate representatives. The committee also includes a representative from Human Resources (Chief Human Resources Officer or their designee). University HR facilitates the selection process.

The committee makes selection decisions based on the information submitted on the nomination form. Award recipients are determined by their demonstrated ability to meet the established criteria as detailed and explained in the nomination materials.

At least one OA and one classified staff will be honored each year. The committee may choose to recognize multiple employees at its discretion.

The supervisor for each nominee is contacted by University HR to provide a response. This response is intended to substantiate a nomination and ensure that employees considered for this prestigious honor are meeting performance expectations. Employees with performance concerns may be excluded from consideration. The supervisor response is not used to collect additional information for the committee to consider in the selection process. Supervisors contribute to a nominee's consideration by submitting a letter of support in accordance with the nomination process.

Questions and Assistance

Email employeerecognition@uoregon.edu with questions about the Outstanding Employee Award program or if you need technical assistance submitting a nomination.