HRCP: Benefits & Work-Life Resources

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Provide information about employee benefits and work life resources.  

Learning outcomes include:

  • Navigating and understanding and application of leave law.
  • Awareness of core work-life resources, policies, and services to share with employees that encourage work-life balance. 


The UO HR Community embodies a shared set of practices and competencies. This training targets the following competencies within the Benefits subject area.

  1. Understands and demonstrates knowledge of general concepts, principles and practices related to a vast array of benefit programs, such as retirement plans, insurance, injury compensation, non-insurance benefits (paid and unpaid leaves, childcare, wellness programs, etc.) and other employee benefits programs. 
  2. Understands process for UO employees to access benefits information and general awareness of eligibility requirements. 


Training Description

Family and Medical Leave Laws for Supervisors

[eLearning, 25m] 

This training covers how supervisors can help employees navigate the process of applying for FMLA or OFLA leave. It also provides guidance on supporting employees who are taking leave, both while they are away and when they return to work. This training covers information beneficial to both Supervisors and HR Partners at the University of Oregon.

Work-Life Resources for HR Partners

[eLearning, 40m] 

In this training, you will learn about core resources, policies, and services that you can share with employees in your area to encourage work-life balance. You will find out about the services offered by the Employee Assistance Program (EAP), including specialized support for supervisors and HR Partners.