Faculty Reclassification Process

Article 15, Section 4 of the UO Collective Bargaining Agreement with United Academics allows non-tenure track faculty bargaining unit faculty members to petition for reclassification.  Bargaining unit members have the right to petition for reclassification if the faculty member feels their current position was misclassified when they were initially hired or if their job duties have changed so significantly that they better fit into a different classification. The department can initiate a reclassification request for the same reasons. For instructional pro tem faculty see the Pro Tem employment guidelines.

Faculty members hired in the Pro Tempore classification should be evaluated for reclassification after being in the position for two years.  Justification for pedagogical or programmatic reasons is required to continue a Pro Tempore position beyond three years.  Pro Tempore faculty whose positions are reaching the 3 year limit refer to the Pro Tem employment guidelines.

No bargaining unit faculty member may be reclassified into the tenure-track or tenured professor classification.

How to Process a Reclassification

In order for the Provost or designee to assess the position, the following materials must be submitted through MyTrack prior to the beginning of the fiscal year, grant fiscal year or academic year, depending on the contract cycle or other date as approved by the Provost or designee.

  1. Login to MyTrack, find (using the position number) and edit the Position Description (PD) for the faculty member in question.  If you are unable to locate a PD, create a New one.  
  2. Select "Reclassification - SEIU or UA" as the Reason.  
  3. Leave a Note or on the Documents tab, upload a statement describing the reason for reclassification. If there is a salary increase, include a justification for the salary increase and any approved credit toward promotion (Article 19, Section 8).
  4. Revise the current job description to the proposed new job description.  Note:  If you were unable to find the current PD, upload a copy of the current PD using the documents tab.
  5. Upload the current curriculum vitae to the documents tab.
  6. Save and submit using the approval process "RECLASSIFICATION - UA".  HR will forward the materials via MyTrack to the Vice Provost for Academic Affairs or the Vice President for Research, Innovation and Graduate Education for review and recommendation to the Provost.
  7. NOTE:  Exception level approval is required for salary increases over 10%.  These will go to the Provost for additional review and approval.

Once Approved - HR will process the paperwork to payroll and an offer letter or contract will be emailed to the faculty member.