Service Employees International Union

SEIU represents approximately 1,500 staff members on campus, often referred to as “classified staff,” who perform a wide range of important functions in areas such as health care, facilities, administrative support, dining services, and information technology.

Negotiations with SEIU are led by University Shared Services Enterprise or USSE, which provides a variety of functions for Oregon’s seven public universities, including the University of Oregon.

Bargaining: 2023-24 Reopener - Tentative Agreement Reached

Update: February 27, 2024

Oregon’s public universities and SEIU have reached a tentative agreement in their reopener negotiations. SEIU will begin the ratification process with their members. Further updates will be provided as more information becomes available. 

Compensation has been a focal point of negotiations. The tentative agreement was reached at yesterday’s mediation session when the parties agreed to the following compensation terms: 

  • 6.50 percent salary increase effective April 1, 2024 
  • A one-time payment of one thousand and five hundred ($1,500.00) dollars shall be paid as wages to all employees, pro-rated by FTE, with their April 2024 paycheck.   
  • Additional pay increases during the remaining years of the contract: 
    • 2.00 percent effective November 1, 2024 
    • 3.50 percent effective June 1, 2025 
    • 3.00 percent effective November 1, 2025 

Negotiations with SEIU were led by University Shared Services Enterprise (USSE), which provides a variety of functions for Oregon’s seven public universities, including the University of Oregon. USSE provides updates and information about negotiations on their website

As agreed to in Article 4, Term of Agreement, Section 3, the union elected to reopen the current contract. The reopener allows for negotiation of:

  • Article 21, Salary.
  • Up to seven additional articles or letters of agreement as selected by each party.
  • Selective salary increases for no more than five classifications, except by mutual agreement.

The reopener stipulates to a 90-day bargaining timeline rather than the customary 150 days, and it is subject to the same rules and bargaining processes pertaining to full contract successor negotiations in Article 14: Negotiation Procedures. 


SEIU Contact Information

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