Professional Development Opportunity Fund


The Professional Development Opportunity Fund (PDOF) provides financial assistance for staff development opportunities beyond what departments can afford.  An employee may apply for reimbursement from this fund of up to $200 per term for training and development activities as described in the guidelines below.  Employees must be 0.5 FTE or greater to access the fund.  Professional development supported by this fund must be work related and benefit both the employee and the University. 

Funds are available on a first come first served basis until the fund has been exhausted.


The fund shall be used for:

  1. Seminars, workshops, continuing education units (CEU's) offered by professional organizations, or other work-related professional development courses.  Such training must benefit both the employee and the University.
  2. Work-related professional development credit courses at the UO, Lane Community College, or non-admitted community education courses
  3. Travel per diem (transportation, meals, and lodging) reimbursement for each approved professional development course. All training must be approved in accordance with university travel procedures before any trip is taken for which reimbursement is sought. 

Funding is NOT available for:

  1. Conferences, conventions, or scheduled meetings arranged by a professional organization for its own membership, whether or not the applicant is a member.
  2. Training mandated by outside agencies or contracts.
  3. Books for classes.

If you have questions regarding the fund, please email

Submit a Request

Please take the following steps to submit a request:

  • Review the Professional Development Opportunity Fund policy and guidelines prior to submitting a request for funds.
  • Attach both of the following to the request: Copy of receipt(s) and copy of flier, workshop announcement or class registration form.
  • Submit completed forms to Human Resources by email to, through campus mail, or by fax 541-346-2548.


Request Form