Disability Insurance

Experiencing an illness or injury that prevents you from working for an extended period of time can have devastating effects due to the loss of income. To reduce the financial impact of these events, the University of Oregon offers Short Term and Long Term Disability Insurance through The Standard Insurance Company to employees only. These policies provide income protection against disabilities resulting from a covered physical disease, injury, pregnancy, or mental disorder.

Short Term Disability

Short Term Disability insurance provides 60% of first $2769 of pre-disability earnings for up to 13 weeks, subject to deductible income reductions, waiting periods and pre-existing condition limitations. If your disability is due to a pre-existing condition benefits are limited to 4 weeks.

This insurance is intended to provide coverage when an illness or injury prevents an employee from returning to work for a limited period of time, no more than three months.

For premium rates and detailed information use the following links:
PEBB Short-term Disability Insurance
Short Term Disability Claims FAQ
Short Term Disability Overview

Long Term Disability

Long Term Disability insurance provides the same benefit amount as short term disability, 60% of first $2769 of pre-disability earnings subject to deductible income reductions, waiting periods and pre-existing condition limitations.

This insurance is intended to provide coverage when an illness or injury prevents an employee from returning to work for an extended or indefinite period of time after the employee has already been unable to work for three to six months.

For premium rates and detailed information visit the PEBB Optional Benefits website using the following link:
PEBB Long-term Disability Insurance

Workplace Possibilities Program

Disability-Focused Service for Employees with Long Term Disability Insurance

The Public Employees' Benefit Board (PEBB) partners with The Standard, our disability insurer to provide assistance to employees who have a medical condition that could lead to a disability and to those who have already filed a disability claim.

Through the Workplace Possibilities Program, an employee with long term disability insurance connects with a consultant to get assistance with pain management, taking medical leave, or other difficulties at work that could be related to a disability. The consultant assists with:

  • Removing barriers to the employee's comfort, safety and ability to perform their job effectively.
  • Assessing workstations and implementing accommodations to ensure the employee performs their job productively and safely.
  • Assisting the employee in resuming job duties after a disability.
  • Promoting open communication among all parties, including the employee, supervisor, human resources, medical providers, and others.

PLEASE NOTE: The consultant will only be able to obtain your medical information if you have signed an Authorization to Obtain and Release Information. The consultant will not share confidential information with PEBB, a UO representative, or your supervisor—such as your diagnosis or treatment—but only information about work capacity, accommodations and return to work dates.

If you have questions about the Workplace Possibilities Program, please contact the UO Benefits Office by emailing hrleaves@uoregon.edu.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Workplace Possibilities Program?

The program provides a Workplace Possibilities Consultant, a professional consultant who has an expertise in return to and stay at work and is affiliated with The Standard, to help covered employees that are out on disability return to work or provide assistance to an employee that is having difficulties at work because of a medical condition and is currently treating with a doctor but has not yet filed a disability claim. 

If I am on a disability leave and need assistance with return to work, who do I contact?

Disability claims are reviewed by The Standard at time of claim approval for referral into the Program. If your case was referred, the consultant from The Standard would typically reach out to you shortly after claim approval or ~30-60 days prior to your expected release date.

If you have long-term disability insurance with The Standard, feel like you qualify for the Program, and have not been contacted about the Program, you can email hrleaves@uoregon.edu for assistance. 

Do I have to participate if I am off work on a disability leave?

No. While we encourage your participation, this service is voluntary.  

How do I obtain stay-at-work status?

You can email workinjury@uoregon.edu or hrleaves@uoregon.edu. Your situation will be reviewed and UO Human Resources or Risk Management can provide the necessary forms, if appropriate.

What will be required for stay-at-work assistance?

Medical records that include reference to the specific condition (or diagnosis/diagnoses), objective findings and treatment, and associated limitations and restrictions that impact productivity and contact information for the medical provider(s) who has treated member for this condition within the last year. Member will need to sign an Authorization to Obtain and Release Information form so that The Standard can contact the medical provider(s) if clarification, additional documentation, or approval of recommendations is needed.

Does my employer need to know that I have applied for stay-at-work?

Yes, UO Human Resources or Risk Management will be notified with ongoing communication about accommodations. We will not release any confidential or personal health information (PHI) to your employer, but we will review limitations and restrictions along with supported accommodations with UO Human Resources, Risk Management, and your supervisor, if so directed.