Residency Status

Q. For a non-resident, how are staff fees calculated?

A. Staff fee rates for up to 12 credit hours per term are based on resident, undergraduate rates for eligible non-resident family members. A non-resident, qualified family member or same-sex domestic partner enrolled for more than twelve (12) credits in one term pays for additional credit at the per credit tuition rate applicable to non-resident graduate and undergraduate students. A non-resident, opposite-sex domestic partner pays non-resident rates for credits in excess of the maximum per term or semester.

Q. If I or my designee have previously been classified as a nonresident, how do I go about changing residency status after my staff rate benefit has been approved?

A. Contact the institutional residency officer to determine what documentation the institution needs to change the residency classification on your student record. At the University of Oregon, you may contact the residency officer by calling the University of Oregon Office of Admissions (541) 346-3201.