Post-Retirement Appointments

Setting Up Post-Retirement Appointments

Post-retirement appointments are handled sightly differently than other appointments. This guide should help you understand the steps for setting up post-retirement appointments.

Tenure Reduction Program (TRP) Appointments

  1. To start, submit a Payroll Request Form (PRF) to University Human Resources (HR).
  2. University Human Resources generates an RP# associated with the faculty member. This number should be available in the Banner job record by the time the first TRP appointment starts. Please contact, if you have questions regarding the TRP process.
  3. PRF comments should include the courses being taught. If the Dean's Office approves alternative work for an appointment, please include the approval with the PRF submission.

Other Post-Retirement Faculty Appointments

  • Summer appointments (June 16-September 15) can be set up with the Summer Appointment Upload.
  • For temporary appointments (less than $3,000 and six weeks), use position number BUOWTA and submit a PRF.
  • Use a Request to Offer (RTO) form to begin or renew a non-TRP teaching or a Research appointment.
    • For their first post-retirement position, use their old position number on the RTO. University Human Resources assigns a unique position number: RXXXXX.
    • On the RTO, select contract type D for non-funding contingent, E for funding contingent, and faculty type RTR.
    • If it's the first post-retirement appointment, use "Post-retirement position begins appointment". For renewals, use "Post-retirement renewal".
    • In the contract comments, write "CLASSIFICATION: Retired".
    • If it's the first post-retirement position in your department, note "initial post-retirement appointment" in the internal comments.
    • Please follow the regular RTO setup guidance for all other necessary fields.

Post-Retirement Officer of Administration (OA) Appointments

  • If the retiree is performing the same job at the same pay rate, submit a Payroll Request Form (PRF):
    • Use the retiree's original position B number. University Human Resources will generate a new unique R# for the position.
    • Use the retiree's original position B number.
    • Attach the appointment terms given to the appointee, including the length of appointment and appointment percent.
    • OA retiree positions do not have academic rank.
    • Hourly appointments are possible for when the employee will be used on an 'as needed' basis, but an estimated Appointment Percentage is required on the PRF for Payroll to enter it into Banner.
  • If the retiree is performing different work, or a change in pay rate is requested, contact for a consult on next steps, which may include an alternate type of appointment and compensation review.

Non-University of Oregon Retirees

  • Appointments for retirees from other institutions are handled like non-retiree appointments. Notify the Payroll Office if they're PERS retirees to adjust contributions.

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to Human Resources at