HR Document Submission Forms

Use the guide below to select the appropriate form for submitting documents to University Human Resources and Payroll.

After you have prepared the document using the regular method (PRF from PWIVERI, leave form received signed from employee, PAW etc), use these links below to launch an electronic approval workflow for your form. Uploading a form and launching the workflow will send the documents below through an approval and routing workflow, including unit, University HR, and appointment authority approval where appropriate. Use the links below to submit requests including but not limited to:

  • Summer Appointments: Summer Instructions 
  • Appointment Percent Changes: Form written instructions.
  • PRF - Payroll Request Form: PRF Instructions. PRF Form, or launch from Banner>PWIVERI
  • RTO - Request to Offer and Notice of Appointment for Faculty: PWAAPPT Guide. Launch from Banner>PWAAPPT
  • SABBATICAL Applications
  • ERF - Earning Request Form - One time payment: ERF Resources and  ERF Form
  • Classified Performance Appraisals - There are options for launching this form. Please pay attention and pick the appropriate form, signed or unsigned. IT and SIGNED: Will facilitate employee acknowledgement as well as unit level approvals. UNSIGNED: The unsigned will not launch unit level approvals, but will facilitate sending the perfomance appraisal to University Human Resources. Appraisal should be signed by employee and supervisor (or acknowleged via email attachment): Appraisal Resources.
  • Leave without Pay and PRF for Faculty and OAs - Launching this form will not capture employee approval. Form should be initiated and signed by employee (or acknowledged via email attachment) prior to uploading. LWOP Form.

Find the correct link in the grids below and use use one of these instruction links to help you understand how to use the online document submission form:

If you would like to review submitted forms, please navigate to, click “more info” to the right of the form name, then open the report “My HR File Uploads.” A brief walkthrough is available here:

STEP 1: Determine Employee Type

Is the employee's job classified, OA, faculty, or temporary

STEP 2: Find the Form Type

Look for the form type under the Employee Type.

STEP 3: Select Option Below

Clicking on the link will take you to the upload form which will launch the appropriate approval and routing workflow. Note: If there are more approval steps than needed, the person submitting the form should put themselves in the approval step. Need more help? Form Submission Instructions or contact