HRCP: Employee & Labor Relations

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Provide an understanding of employee and labor relations, knowledge of laws, policies and procedures, grievance and arbitration, management principles, general concepts and terms, and delegated roles and responsibilities.  

Learning outcomes include:

  • Understanding of the different employee groups at UO.
  • Working with a unionized workforce including collective bargaining agreements, incident reporting and the disciplinary process.
  • ADA fundamentals and accommodation, and where to find resources and how to get support. 


The UO HR Community embodies a shared set of practices and competencies. This training targets the following competencies within the Employee & Labor Relations subject area.

  1. Understands and demonstrates knowledge of laws, rules, regulations, UO policy/procedure, applicable unit level policies and procedures, principles and practices related to employee conduct, employee leaves, workplace accommodations, motivation, performance, rewards, and dispute resolution. 
    • Understands concepts related to progressive discipline, investigations, just cause/due process, Weingarten rights, union rights around communicating with members (signs, shirts, postings, email, etc.) 
  2. Understands practices and policies at UO regarding a unionized workforce, including the ELR interpretation of collective bargaining agreements. 
  3. Demonstrates knowledge of and applies strategies to guide performance management, employee conduct and other employee work life issues.  
  4. Ability to work collaboratively with employees, supervisors and the ADA coordinator on accommodation analyses including but not limited to undue hardship reviews, reasonable accommodations, and funding sources. 


Training Description

ADA Fundamentals for HR Partners

[eLearning, 40m] 

This course will cover the institution’s legal obligations under the Americans with Disabilities Act. In this training you will learn about and receive practical guidance on how to handle disability-related issues that you may encounter as an HR Partner.  

UO Conflict of Interest, Conflict of Commitment, Outside Activities Policy 

[eLearning, 30m] 

Staff from Research Compliance Services describe the UO’s Conflict of Interest, Conflict of Commitment, and Outside Activities policy, which applies to all UO employees. This session will review the background and history of the policy, describe the basic elements of the policy, and discuss the disclosure process associated with the policy. The session will also briefly discuss other UO policies that intersect with COI-COC-Outside Activities compliance.  

Performance Evaluations - Supervisor Development

[Instructor Led workshop, 2h] 

This workshop will focus on the preparation and completion of performance evaluations for Officers of Administration and Classified staff. We will highlight the practical consideration and mistakes to avoid, how to get an evaluations started, the importance of identifying concerning patterns in performance, how to frame feedback both verbally and in writing and strategies for providing feedback virtually. 

Policies and Procedures: Student Workers 

[eLearning, 35m]

This e-learning course covers policies and procedures surrounding student employment at the University of Oregon. In addition to reviewing the policies, it outlines best-practices for their application and walks supervisors through real-life scenarios they might encounter with student employment in their departments. 

Leadership in Student Supervision: An Introduction to Supervisory Strategies and HR Policies

[Instructor Led workshop, 3h] 

This workshop will provide practical information, resources and tools on policies, laws and effective procedures and practices for hiring, supervising, and supporting the performance and development of student employees.  It will cover the differences between supervising students and supervising other staff, including the relevance of facilitating student's professional development.  This workshop will also provide concrete recommendations for effective job description drafting, recruiting, hiring, scheduling, orienting, training, evaluating, and coaching students to operate as effective members of your staff and to prepare them intentionally for the world of work.