MyTrack: User Roles & Permissions

A user's ability to perform recruitment functions in MyTrack depends upon both their permissions and the role they have been assigned on a given requisition.


Base users are employees in non-supervisory positions. These individuals do not perform HR functions for their area. Base users have the permissions to serve on search committees by default but they must be assigned a role as a search committee member to access search materials and perform search committee functions. 

Other permission groups do not have default search committee access to the MyTrack recruitment module. These include: Graduate Employees (GEs), student employees, students who are not employees, and those not affiliated with the UO. In addition to assigning these users a role on the requisition as a search committee member you will need to complete this form to request Search Committee access on their behalf.

Any individual who is listed as a supervisor in Banner will have Supervisor permissions which grants access to recruitment functions in MyTrack. If Banner updates are needed, please follow the instructions on the Supervisor Record Maintenance page to submit change requests. Non-supervisors who have been identified by their VP/Dean (or designated proxy) as performing HR functions can be granted Supervisor level permissions, also called "Hiring Manager" permissions. To request Supervisor Level/Hiring Manager permission for non-supervisors, please complete this form.

To view a table of the different access afforded to users with Supervisor, base, and search committee permissions, click the "User Permissions" button below.


Roles are assgined on both the position description and the requisition. Different roles allow different levels of access. Click the "User Roles" button below to see a table outlining access for each role.