MyTrack: User Permissions

The information below outlines user permission levels in detail:

Visibility and Functions


Base User

Search Committee

Position Descriptions

Can create new, edit, or copy position descriptions X

Only if listed in the
approval process.

Approvers maintain
access to approved
items in the
approval queue.

Can view/edit notes on position descriptions X  
Can view/attach documents on position descriptions X  
Can restart approval process or can edit approval process if they are also one of the assigned approvers X X  

Job Requisitions*

Can view/edit notes on job requisitions X X  
Can view/attach documents on job requisitions X X  
Can view/edit approvals on job requisitions X X  
Can add Hiring Manager Proxy(ies) on job requisitions X    


Can be assigned applications X X X
Can change applicant statuses X    
View applicant personal data (address, phone, email) on applicant card X    
View application (all forms of application plus attached materials including supplemental questions, vita, cover letter, resume, etc.) X X X
View the advertising source of the application X X  
View activities the applicant has completed in the system X    
View notes, completed forms, flags on the applicant X    
View status of application history X    
Assign applicant statuses (move applicants through search, including final disposition of applicants—only if hiring manager or hiring manager proxy role in addition to supervisor-level permissions) X    
Compile and send applicants’ materials to other users X    
Send ad hoc communications to applicants X    
View MyTrack generated emails to applicants X    
View/assign/complete internal forms (interview, reference, etc.) X X X
View/request reference checks X X X
Assign applications for review by additional individuals (e.g. outside of the search committee) X    

Offers and Onboarding*

View/edit details of proposed offers X    
Attach individual documents to proposed offer X    
View, create new, edit existing (incomplete), remove, or reorder onboarding tasks for a new employee X X  
Email new employees to notify if changes are made to onboarding tasks X X  
View/filter all onboarding tasks by task, employee, or manager X X  

* Visibility into these areas or access to these functions will require the user is listed in either a user or approval role on the job requisition or offer card.  See the user roles and permissions matrix for additional information.