Voluntary Retirement Plans

Voluntary Retirement Savings Plans – Supplement Your Pension

The voluntary retirement savings plans are available to all new and current, classified and unclassified University of Oregon employees. Contributions are made by the employee. There are no matching employer contributions.

Two voluntary retirement savings plans offer a way to increase your retirement income through regular, planned investing. You determine how much to save each month, and your contributions are made to your account through payroll deduction. Using these plans will not reduce your retirement benefits or eligibility for a pension plan, Social Security, or Medicare. You supplement your retirement benefits through a simple workplace savings plan that you may set up as soon as your first month of work, or anytime.

TDI (Tax-Deferred Investment 403(b))

TDI (Tax-Deferred Investment 403(b) plan is a way for employees to save for their retirement. TDI savings offer tax advantages either as pre-tax investment or as post-tax Roth accounts which allow qualified investment earnings to be withdrawn tax-free after retirement. TDI participants may choose mutual fund and annuity investment programs, and participants manage their accounts with education and retirement planning services by TIAA-CREF and Fidelity Investment.

Participation is easy; select TIAA-CREF or Fidelity Investment, set up your 403b account with the company, complete and submit an electronic 403(b) Voluntary Savings Form (you will be directed to log in using your Duck ID) to the University of Oregon Payroll Office. Additional information, forms and access to company websites can be found at http://www.opurp.org/tdi.

Universal Eligibility Notice


OSGP (Oregon Savings Growth Plan)

OSGP (Oregon Savings Growth Plan) is offered to Oregon public employees by PERS. The Oregon Investment Council manages a selection of investments on behalf of participants in the plan. An OUS employee may select the OSGP, the TDI or both plans.

Information on how to participate can be found online at https://voyamarketingzone.dmplocal.com/sites/3650/osgp_welcome.html