Workplace Accommodations

The University of Oregon is committed to providing equal employment opportunities and reasonable workplace accommodations to applicants and employees with disabilities and for sincerely held religious, moral and ethical beliefs.

The Office of Human Resources (HR) is responsible for ensuring the university’s compliance with the employment provisions of the Americans with Disabilities Act, as amended (ADA), Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, and Oregon state law, and plays a central role in addressing a variety of accommodation-related needs, including:

  • requests by employees for disability-related accommodations (including travel accommodations);
  • requests by employees for workplace accommodations for sincerely held religious, moral or ethical beliefs;
  • requests for accommodation (disability and religious/moral) in the application/hiring process;
  • requests by university employees for accessible/handicap parking;
  • requests by faculty/staff or the family members of a student living in University Housing to have a companion animal in University Housing or the workplace; and
  • requests by members of the public regarding access to programs and services offered by the University and complaints regarding lack of access due to disability.

Employees with questions regarding any of these matters are encouraged to contact the ADA Coordinator by phone at (541) 346-3159 or email at

Remote Work Accommodation

If an employee raises concerns about returning to onsite work because of their own physical or mental health, then they have requested an accommodation. Such requests should be referred to Human Resources’ formal accommodation process. The university’s ADA Coordinator will work with the employee and unit to determine whether remote work is a reasonable accommodation or an undue hardship to operations.

Pregnancy Accommodation Notification

Supervisors provide a letter to employees who have informed them of their pregnancy. The letter includes information about university resources available to support employees during and after their pregnancy, as well as information about workplace accommodations.