UO Group Insurance

The University of Oregon offers a core benefits package that provides medical, dental, vision and life insurance coverage. Benefits are extended through the Public Employee Benefits Board (PEBB) and are intended to offer employees comprehensive coverage with a variety of options to meet individual employee needs. Explore the package further with the resources below.

Eligibility and cost are two key factors to consider during initial enrollment and annually during open enrollment.

Employee Eligibility

In general, a UO employee appointed at 0.5 FTE or greater who is expected to work at least 90 days is eligible for PEBB benefits. The eligible employee must enroll within 30 days of the hire or eligibility date. Contact the Benefits Office at hrbenefits@uoregon.edu with questions about eligibility.

Part Time Faculty

Part time faculty may be eligible to enroll in employee only, medical/prescription only coverage. Refer to the Medical Benefits for Part Time Faculty webpage for criteria and enrollment instructions.

Employee Cost

The University of Oregon uses a cost sharing approach to employee benefits.  The university covers the majority of the cost, with the employee sharing a percentage of the total expense based on:
Position status: full-time or part-time
Employee classification:  union or non-union
Plan selection

Most employees pay 5% of the monthly healthcare premiums for themselves and eligible dependents. Eligible dependents include spouse, domestic partner (same and opposite sex), and dependent children. Coverage of domestic partners and their children may have tax implications. A complete description of eligible dependents is available on the Public Employee Benefits Board (PEBB) website in the Summary Plan Description, Section 1, page 14 (link is external).

Actual cost will vary based on employee classification and plans selected. Healthcare includes medical, vision and dental plans. Employee contributions to benefit coverages are withheld through payroll deduction on a monthly basis. 

Employee Opt-Out Option

University employees have the option to opt out of the Core Benefits Package and receive a taxable cash benefit.  This election, like all other benefit selections is an annual decision that may only be changed during open enrollment or within a limited time following a qualifying event.

Current Opt Out Information

UO Core Benefits Package through PEBB


PEBB Online Benefit System:

To view your current benefit selections, log on to PEBB.benefits