Medical Benefits for Part Time Faculty (Senate Bill 551)

Senate Bill 551 passed into law during the 2021 Oregon legislative session provides part time faculty who are working an aggregate of .50 FTE at a single or multiple Oregon public institution(s) of higher education, universities and/or community colleges, with the opportunity to enroll in employee only, medical/prescription only coverage. They may select their medical plan from the same plans available to full time faculty, excluding the medical opt out option. Enrollment in a dental and/or vision coverage is not available.

Part time faculty, who meet the aggregate 0.5 FTE requirement, will designate a “home institution” that will verify eligibility for coverage and administer this benefit program. . The faculty member must be actively working and receiving a paycheck from the selected home institution and will select from medical plans available at that institution. It is the faculty member’s responsibility to designate their home institution after researching and comparing medical plan options and costs at the different institutions at which they work.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Currently employed at one or more Oregon institution(s) of higher education (university and/or community college) and receiving a paycheck for active work.
  • Worked an aggregate of at least half-time (.50 FTE or 86.67 hours/month) for three of the prior four terms at any single or multiple Oregon public institution(s) of higher education (university and/or community college).
  • Currently not covered on or eligible for a PEBB or OEBB medical plan as an employee or dependent.

Enrollment Periods

Initial Enrollment

The initial enrollment period is October 1 - 31, 2021 with coverage effective on November 1, 2021.

Future Enrollment

Following the initial enrollment period, subsequent enrollment periods will be offered during the first 30 days from the start of each academic term. Coverage is effective first of the month following enrollment.

Faculty hired mid-term may request an exception to enroll outside of above enrollment periods.

Eligibility Review Period

The eligibility of enrolled faculty will be reviewed semi-annually, in October and April.

  • October eligibility assessment allows coverage November – April
  • April eligibility assessment allows coverage May - October

University of Oregon Enrollment Process

If you are a part time faculty member actively working and receiving a paycheck at the UO and choose to designate the UO as your home institution, then you will enroll in a medical plan available through the UO following these instructions:

  1. Submit the following information to
    • Required form: Part Time Faculty Attestation of Eligibility for Benefits Coverage
    • Documentation from all institutions worked in the previous four terms that verifies eligibilty. Acceptable documentation must identify the instition and state FTE or hours worked per month for each term. (ex. contracts, offer letters, or other signed letters issued by the institution, hiring department, or supervisor)
  2. UO Benefits staff will notify you via email of your eligibility status.
  3. Once eligibility is confirmed, complete required enrollment materials by the stipulated deadline. Materials and deadline will be provided by the Benefits Office.

Coverage will be effective first of the month following enrollment.

Eligibility Changes

It is the faculty member’s responsibility to notify the benefits office at their designated home institution when changes occur to their employment status or assigned FTE.

If UO is your designated home institution and you stop working for the UO, coverage will be terminated, and you will be notified of the coverage end date.

If you still meet the eligibility criteria, you will need to select a new home institution and enroll in a plan available through your new home institution.

Questions or Assistance

Please contact for further assistance.

Special Notice

This medical benefits program for part time faculty was established by Senate Bill 551. The terms and conditions are subject to change in accordance with legislative action.