Time and Attendance Records

Departments are responsible for keeping appropriate time and attendance records for their employees. Supervisors must be aware of each employee’s FLSA eligibility to determine the necessary paperwork. Instructional faculty are specifically exempt from overtime regulations. For other unclassified employees, overtime eligibility is indicated on the employment contract and on the BANNER screen PWIVERI.

For all employees, records of sick leave usage (and vacation for 12-month employees) must be kept for entry into Banner on a monthly basis.


For overtime eligible employees, supervisors must keep a record of hours worked each day and total hours worked each week. For employees paid on an hourly basis, a timesheet is needed to determine exact pay. For those paid on a salaried basis, a timesheet is used to determine overtime (hours worked over 40 in a week) but otherwise does not affect pay.

Salaried overtime eligible employees are paid the same monthly salary regardless of the number of hours actually worked. If an employee's weekly hours fluctuate significantly over time, the employee and supervisor may agree to change the position to an hourly basis. Hourly employees are paid for hours actually worked, regardless of the FTE in the payroll system.

If a salaried employee regularly works beyond the contracted FTE, the supervisor may increase the FTE to more accurately reflect the hours being worked. If a salaried employee occasionally works beyond the contracted FTE, the supervisor may request permission from the appropriate VP to pay additional hours. Timesheets should be reviewed quarterly to determine if the employee's salaried or hourly status may need to be changed.

Overtime eligible employees must receive overtime compensation or compensatory time off for hours worked in excess of 40 a week, at a rate of time and one-half at the employee's regular rate of pay. A week is defined as a fixed and regularly recurring period of seven consecutive days; at the UO the week usually begins on Monday. “Hours worked” for unclassified employees do not include sick or vacation time. For example, an employee who is sick one full 8-hour day in a week (presumably using accrued sick leave) would still have to be at work over 40 hours during the rest of that week before overtime would come into play.


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