Making Benefit Changes

Has something changed?

While employed, various changes may occur that can impact your benefit eligibity and coverage.

Did you have a baby or adopt a child, get married or divorced, change to part-time or full-time employment or move across the state? Did your 19-year-old go to college, or your 23-year-old move back home? Did your employment terminate, go on leave without pay or reduce your hours? These are just a few of the changes employees encounter that requires action to keep benefits current.

The Public Employees' Benefit Board (PEBB) gives you ways to address these and other life changes that happen after open enrollment. You have 30 days from the date of an eligible event (qualified status change) to make related changes to your benefits. Review the PEBB Plan Change Matrix (link is external) to determine what benefit changes you can make.

For information and assistance, use the following links based on different types of changes:

Benefit Continuation

Employees who are no longer eligible for UO benefits, have the opportunity to continue coverage under the guidelines of the federal COBRA law.