Annual Salary Increases Process and Procedures

Salary increases at the University of Oregon are established by employee group and in accordance with applicable university policies and collective bargaining agreements. Refer to the following links for salary increase details by employee group:

Graduate Employee Compensation: Graduate employees are according to the GTFF contract, which stipulates the minimum rate of pay for each position. Refer to the GTFF CBA for specific compensation information.

Unit Guidance

Human Resources is actively preparing to implement FY24 merit increases for faculty members and officers of administration. Instructions will be available in late September when the increase process is launched.

Performance Management

Performance reviews are not just about measuring or awarding salary increases. They also cultivate engagement with an employee by discussing work assignments, evaluating effectiveness, documenting achievements, communicating appreciation, and discussing areas in need of improvement, and establishing goals to guide the work ahead, including what work should continue and what work can be set aside to focus on priorities and better facilitate work-life balance.

Performance reviews are an important part of performance management and should be administered as planned and as expected in accordance with policy and collective bargaining agreements. Reviews lay the foundation for merit decisions now and in future years.