Online and Self-Guided Learning Pathways by Topic

Are you looking to build your professional skillset? Learning & Development has gathered the following resources on topics that will help you learn new skills and grow in your career. In each content area, you will find links to self-paced online courses, book and article recommendations, and other learning materials that you can explore as your time permits.

Many of the learning resources on this site are from LinkedIn Learning, an online learning platform that offers video-based courses for professional development. Staff, Faculty, and Students have free access to LinkedIn Learning, and activating your account will give you access to the full library of content. For more information about LinkedIn Learning, please visit the University of Oregon LinkedIn Learning Website.

The resources suggested here are only a selection. Visit the additional online learning resources for more options.

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Content Areas

Leadership and Supervision

Do you want to develop your leadership skills so that you can help inspire change and innovation in your department? Or are you a supervisor looking for ideas on how to manage an inclusive and effective team? Explore these resources that focus on leadership, mentorship, and supervisory skills.

Topic Resources

Leadership Fundmentals for Everyone (Learning Path)

Leading and Managing Organizational Change (Learning Path)

People Management / Supervision

Foundational Courses for New and Emerging Supervisors (Collection)           

Recruiting and Hiring for Managers (Learning Path)

Leading Effective Teams: Goals, Accountability, and Getting Things Done (Collection) 

Leading Effective Teams: Building an Inclusive Workgroup Culture (Collection) 

Leading Effective Teams: Engaging and Motivating Employees (Collection)

Leading Remote or Hybrid Teams (Collection)

Coaching for Success: Helping Your Employees Achieve Their Professional Goals (Collection) 

Giving Feedback and Managing Employee Performance (Learning Path)   

Policies and Procedures: Student Workers - A Training Course for Supervisors of Student Employees (UO Specific eLearning Course)                                                                                                     


Communication, Collaboration, and Relationship Building

These resources focus on how we work with others and nourish strong professional relationships. They will help you build skills around collaboration, communication, inclusion, and trust-building.

Topic  Resources
Communicating with Others

Effective Workplace Communication (Collection) 

Professional Communication and Business Etiquette (Learning Path)

Conflict Management and Conflict Resolution (Collection)

Dealing with Difficult Customers: Helping Others While Caring for Yourself (Collection) 

Collaboration and Relationship Building

Building Trust with Colleagues in the Workplace (Learning Path) 

Working on Teams: How to Make Collaboration Actually Work (Learning Path) 

Diversity, Inclusion, and Belonging 

Get Started Learning about Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (Collection) 

Cross-Cultural Communication (Collection)

Allyship and Advocacy (Collection)

Antiracist and Inclusion Building Resources (UO Libraries Research Guide)                                                                                                                           


Planning and Productivity

From project management to managing your e-mail inbox to running an effective meeting, these resources offer strategies for getting things done at work.

Topic Resources
Project Management

Project Management Basics (Learning Path)

Project Management In-Depth: A Deep Dive into the Foundations of Project Management (Learning Path) 

Approaches to Project Management: Agile, Scrum, Kanban (Learning Path) 

A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK Guide), PMI, 7th Edition, 2021 (e-book, UO Libraries) 

Agile Practice Guide, PMI, 2017 (e-book, UO Libraries)

Presentation and Facilitation

Running Effective Meetings (Collection) 

Presenting and Speaking in Public (Collection)

Designing Engaging Presentations (Learning Path) 

Staying Organized and Productive at Work

Time Management (Collection) 

Setting and Achieving Goals (Collection) 

Staying Productive (Collection)

Productivity in a Remote or Hybrid Workplace (Collection)

Essential Technology Skills 

Digital Accessibility and Inclusive Design (Learning Path) 

Microsoft Excel: The Basics (Learning Path) 

Microsoft Excel: In-Depth (Learning Path)

Learning Microsoft Office 365 (Learning Path) 

Microsoft Teams Essential Training (Course)

Outlook Essential Training (Course) 

Microsoft PowerPoint Essential Training (Course) 

Data Visualization (Collection)

Data Analysis (Learning Path)


Thinking and Problem Solving

What are methods for solving problems and thinking on your feet at work?  These resources examine topics such as critical, creative, and strategic thinking, brainstorming techniques, and decision-making processes.

Topic Resources
Ways of Thinking

Improving Your Thinking (Course) 

Ways of Thinking - Critical, Creative, and Strategic Thinking (Learning Path) 

Collaborative Thinking Strategies - Brainstorming and Other Techniques (Learning Path)

Decision Making and Problem Solving

Making Decisions on the Job (Collection) 

Problem Solving Techniques (Collection)                                                                                                                                                                                          


Wellness in the Workplace

These resources focus on strategies and techniques for supporting your own physical and emotional health in the workplace.

Topic Resources
Wellness and Emotions in the Workplace

Managing Emotions at Work (Collection)

Developing Resilience (Collection) 

Managing Stress, Anxiety, and Burn-Out (Collection) 

Emotional Intelligence (Learning Path) 

Work-Life Balance (Collection)

Wellness at Work for UO Employees (Recorded Webinar - April 13, 2022)

Wellness Seminar Series for Faculty and Staff (Webinars and recorded webinars provided by Canopy, UO's Employee Assistance Program) 


Navigating Your Career and Professional Development

No matter where you are in your career, you may be looking for opportunities for learning, development, and professional growth. These resources cover topics such as career planning, identifying learning opportunities, and building your professional network.

Topic Resources
Navigating Your Career and Professional Development 

Build a Personal Learning Plan and Stick With It (Course) 

Cultivating a Growth Mindset (Course) 

Building your Professional Network (Collection) 

Developing Professional Self-Confidence (Learning Path) 

Mentorship (Learning Path)     

Navigating Learning and Development Opportunities at UO (UO Specific eLearning Course)                                                                                                                                                                                           

Additional Online Learning Resources

LinkedIn Learning

LinkedIn Learning, the university's online learning platform offers a variety of professional development resources to help expand your knowledge and skill set. Resources include a combination of dynamic, online instructional content, videos, and tutorials.

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