Courtesy, Campus Associate, and other Unpaid Appointments

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What are Campus Associate and Courtesy Appointments?

Campus Associate Appointments:

Note: Campus Associate appointments do not receive a letter. Once Payroll has added a 95# to the request form, the appointment is complete.

  • For independent contractors needing access to UO buildings and services.
  • Not for getting a UO email address only.
  • Submit an Unpaid Appointment Form with:
    • the position number, BUOXAS
    • detailed statement of the individual's proposed service

Courtesy Appointments:

  • For non-compensated individuals contributing to UO's programs.
  • For those requiring a letter for visa purposes.
  • Not for university employees or independent contractors.
  • Valid for one year, aligned with the academic or calendar year.
  • Not for Emerit Appointments, see Emerit Status
  • For new appointments, submit an Unpaid Appointment Form with:
    • academic rank, which should match their current rank or qualifications, see Classification Category Rank Chart and Article 15. Academic Classification & Rank, Section 3. Category & Rank, of the United Academics Collective Bargaining Agreement.
      • If the appointee does not yet hold the degree necessary for a rank (for instance they are a doctoral candidate but the request is for a Courtesy Research Associate), then attach a letter from their institution stating that they have successfully defended their dissertation and are awaiting their degree.
        • If it is not possible or will take too long to get such a letter, then choose a rank for which they hold the qualifications.
      • Please select the Courtesy Research Assistant type that matches the appointee's qualifications:
        • Courtesy Research Assistant (Type A): Positions that require skills and/or experience relevant to the duties of the position and do not have a minimum degree requirement.
        • Courtesy Research Assistant (Type B): Positions that require a bachelor’s or equivalent degree. In rare occasions, positions in specialized fields may allow for a combination of education and equivalent experience prior to the time of hire to satisfy the bachelor’s degree requirement.
        • Courtesy Research Assistant (Type C): Positions that require a master’s or equivalent degree. In rare occasions, positions in highly specialized fields may allow for a combination of education and exceptional equivalent experience prior to the time of hire to satisfy the master’s degree requirement.
    • the position number, BUOXCO for faculty and researchers or BUOXPD for postdoctoral fellows
    • Sponsor or supervisor information, this will be added to Banner as the supervisor
    • CV less than 3 years old
    • for postdoctoral courtesy appointments, please add in the comments field "IDP on file" to confirm that there is an IDP on file.
    • detailed statement of the individual's proposed service
  • Requires approval and signature of department head and dean/director.
  • Once approved, a letter extending the courtesy appointment is sent.

Note: Unpaid appointments do not include worker's compensation insurance.

Renewal and Sponsor Update for Appointments

Each May departments are notified to review and renew courtesy appointments.

  • The department should run the Cognos report Courtesy, Campus Associate, and Emerit Appointments and follow the appropriate process to make changes for the next academic year.
    • When you find it in Cognos, click the three dots to the right of the report name.
    • Select Run As
    • Click Excel
    • Click the blue Run button
    • Fill out the information on the prompt page and click Finish
    • Once the report is ready a popup will appear to let you save it. The report has multiple tabs, including an instructions tab.

Renewing Appointments without End Dates:

  • Review the Cognos report Courtesy & Campus Associate Appointment Report.
  • Submit Renewal List:
    • Departments should submit their list of renewals to their Vice President/Vice Provost or Dean's Office.
    • The deadline for submission is by the third week of May.
  • Await Approval:
    • The Vice President/Vice Provost or Dean’s Office will review the submissions.
    • Departments will be notified of the final approval or if more information is needed by the second week of June.
  • Notify Appointees:
    • Once approval is received, departments are advised to send out renewal notices.
    • This can be done via letter or email to the individuals on the renewal list.

Renewing Appointments with End Dates:

Terminating an Unpaid Appointment:

Updating Sponsor Information:

Services for Courtesy Appointments

Technology Access Timeline

Note: Access to these services requires the appointment to be in the Banner system.

How to Check the Status of Your Unpaid Appointment Request

1. View Your Request:

  • Visit UO Forms portal
  • Click "My Documents"
  • Select "View" next to the form to see its current status

2. Send a Reminder:

  • If your form has been with a department signer, HR, or the appointment authority for over 2 weeks, click "Send Email Reminder to Signer"

3. How Do Appointees Get 95 Numbers and Duck IDs?

  • The Payroll team is responsible for adding the 95 number to the form once it's fully completed
  • Anyone who has approval rights on the form can view this number
  • The department should check the form for the 95 number, or search for the appointee in Banner
  • The department will communicate the 95 number to the appointee
  • Alternately, the appointee can contact the HR Service Center which can provide the 95 number to them and get their password set up for Duckweb.
  • The appointee should follow the process to claim a Duck ID by going to

4. Need More Help?

  • Can't find the status or need faster processing? Email with the form name, employee ID, and name.