Courtesy, Campus Associate, and other Unpaid Appointments


Check the Status of Your Request?

To check the status of the unpaid appointment you submitted, please do the following:

  • Go to and select "My Documents"
  • Under MyDocuments click "View" next to the form to see where the form is in process
  • If the form is with a signer in your department, or with HR or the appointment authority for longer than 2 weeks, please select "Send Email Reminder to Signer" and a reminder email will be sent to the appropriate signer
  • If you are unable to ascertain the status, or need to expedite the processing of a form, email with the form name/type of request, employee ID, and employee name and we will look into the form status.

NOTE: Worker's compensation insurance is not provided to unpaid appointments.

What is a campus associate appointment?

Campus Associate appointments are used primarily to allow access for independent contractors to campus buildings (requiring key access), and other UO services needed for them to perform the agreed work.  These include individuals associated with the UO to perform work on a short term or ongoing basis independently and are not employees, examples include the UO Bookstore, ROTC instructors, etc.  This appointment is not intended for the sole purpose to provide a UO email address. To request a campus associate appointment, submit an Unpaid Appointment Form (UAF)

What is a courtesy appointment?

Courtesy faculty appointments may be offered to persons who visit the university from other institutions or persons who work outside the university and contribute without compensation to a unit's program. Courtesy appointments are not provided to university employees. If a unit would like to have an employee be affiliated with their unit, they should consider adding them as a member, affiliate, or participating faculty, which would be described in the unit’s internal governance policy. Independent contractors on personal service contracts are not eligible for courtesy appointments but if appropriate they may be considered for a campus associate appointment (see above).

Please be aware that a courtesy appointment does not grant the incumbent the right to sit on graduate committees or PI status. These privileges have separate policies, processes and approvals. Please see the Graduate School website on graduate committee policies and VPRI website for PI status.

Courtesy appointments are allowed for one year at a time and should normally cycle with the academic or fiscal year.  The position number is BUOXCO for faculty and researchers and BUOXPD for postdoctoral fellows.  More information on unpaid appointments can be found on the Banner Guide.

New Appointment

To request that a new courtesy appointment be offered, the department submits an Unpaid Appointment Form (UAF), indicating that a courtesy appointment is requested. Academic rank is required. The rank should be commensurate with the visitor's academic qualifications, present rank, and expected duties or activities. In the "Remarks" section, or by a separate memo, a statement should be provided outlining in detail the individual's proposed service to or connection with the department or division and university.

The department uploads a current vita or resume (no more than 3 years old).

With the approval and signature of the department head or supervisor, and the dean or director, the UAF and attachment are routed electronically to Human Resources-Operations. If the request is approved, either the Senior Vice Provost for Academic Affairs or the Vice President for Research will email a letter to the visitor extending the courtesy appointment.

Courtesy Sponsor Information

The name of the faculty sponsor or supervisor is required on the electronic UAF and will be added to the supervisor field in Banner once the appointment is approved. 

How to Update Sponsor Information

To update sponsor information for current unpaid appointments, please follow the instructions on the Supervisor Record Maintenance web page and substitute the sponsor information for the supervisor information.

Renewal Appointment

Each May, Human Resources will notify departments of the Renewal and Termination Process for Courtesy Appointments. Department HR Partners are required to log into Cognos and run the Courtesy & Campus Associate Appointment Report for their department. HR Partners will determine which courtesy appointments will be renewed, continued, or terminated for the next academic year and submit these designations to their Vice President, Vice Provost or Dean's Office for approval. Once these designations are approved, HR Partners use the Unpaid Appointment Form to renew (if there is an appointment end date on the report) or an Unpaid Appointment Termination Form to terminate an appointment (if there is no end date).

New courtesy appointments and renewals requiring a letter for Visa purposes will still be processed using the Unpaid Appointment Form (UAF).

Review the Renewal, Continuation, and Termination Process Instructions for Courtesy Appointments for more details.

UO Services for Courtesy Appointments

Individuals who have a courtesy faculty appointment will be issued a picture ID card by the UO Card Office. The following services will be available to them:

  • Library privileges.
  • An email account. Contact Technology Service Desk 541.346.4357 to set up the account.
  • The right to purchase a parking permit for the lots designated for Faculty/Staff.
  • The right to rent a locker and use a variety of indoor and outdoor recreational facilities available throughout campus.

It is important that individuals being granted a courtesy appointment are made aware that requests for these privileges cannot be processed until the individual’s courtesy appointment is in BANNER.

A postdoctoral fellow on an independent research fellowship who receives a stipend through the Business Office is eligible to participate on a voluntary basis in the medical and dental insurance plans offered to faculty. The appointing department should inform any Courtesy Postdoctoral Research Fellow who wants to enroll in the medical and dental plans to contact Employee Benefits, ext. 6-3086.