Position and Pay Actions

With the implementation of the Oregon Equal Pay Act (OEPA), we have revised the approval requirements for OA pay actions from the guidance published in February 2019.

Interim Processes for OA Pay Actions

For each affected pay action, HR will first determine whether the position falls into a common or non-common job category. When a pay action is proposed for a common job, additional review is required to ensure that the proposed pay action does not create any Oregon Pay Equity Act concerns (for example, salaries that lie outside the range of current salaries among employees in common jobs).

A task force made up of academic CFOs and administrative budget managers has now categorized OA jobs into common and non-common categories for short-term use. The ongoing OA OEPA committee will further address pay action process changes. This guidance will be updated as the committee completes their work.

Timelines and Priorities

These changes to existing processes are expected to increase timelines for pay action review. We will do our best to process pay actions as quickly as we can, but there is more analysis now required. Depending on volume, HR will prioritize pay action requests as follows:

  • Retention offers where the employee has received a competing offer
  • Establishment of hiring ranges for new recruitments
  • Requests to issue new hire offers outside of the previously approved hiring range
  • Retention offers where there is a credible threat but the employee has not yet received a competing offer
  • Expansions of duties

Within the priorities identified above, area VPs or their designates may wish to request expediting of pay actions. If necessary due to volume and current processing timelines, requests to expedite pay actions will be evaluated according to an established matrix


Implemented Process Changes

Other Position and Pay Actions

The summary of position and pay actions provides guidance for the various types of actions taken to change an OA's job assignments or compensation. Please note that where the abbreviation "VP" is used in this section, it refers to Vice President: Summary of OA Position and Pay Actions