Internal or Market Equity Adjustment (Off-Cycle)

When to use:

Use in order to establish and maintain internal equity or to recognize significant market changes. Generally reserved to address extraordinary issues, such as those involving an extreme pay discrepancy.

Use this process if there is an updated position description. If the position description is outdated and needs to be changed in order to accurately reflect the duties of the position, follow the Expansion of Duties process instead.


  • Unit/Department will provide written justification, proposed increase amount, and potential comparators (if known)
  • VP/Dean will sign the justification memo, approving the equity adjustment request and confirming the recurring funding source.
  • Unit/Department will submit the completed, fully approved justification memo to
  • HR will review the information to ensure that an Equity Adjustment review is appropriate.
    • If it is not deemed appropriate, HR will contact the Unit/Department contact designated on the justification memo to discuss other options and the Equity Adjustment review will end.
  • If it is deemed appropriate, HR will review the appropriate compensation band and the salary requested by the unit/department.
    • If HR is in agreement with the unit’s/department’s request, HR will initiate the exceptions approval process, as listed below.
    • If HR is not in agreement with the unit’s/department’s request, HR will contact the unit/department for further discussion.
  • HR will initiate PRF/EPAF to update Banner and Payroll with approved changes.

Note: In most cases, increases will be effective only prospectively, beginning the pay period following HR’s receipt of the request with unit based approvals using the appropriate mechanism for the pay action (e.g. submission via the MyTrack requisition process or PRF).

Exception approval required:

  • For all equity adjustment requests. Provost approval is required for faculty serving in administrative roles; VPFA is required for all other OA equity increase requests.