Deadlines for New MyTrack Offers, Renewal Appointments and PRFs

Upcoming Deadlines

Please build in time for your business office to generate the renewal, offer, or pay documents and obtain all required approvals, with time to meet the monthly deadlines. These deadlines will help us send documents to the Payroll office by their payroll document deadline.

Spring 2024 Hires and Changes

Thursday, February 1 was the deadline for HR Operations to receive:

  • Spring Term appointment renewals:
    • RTOs
      • For 12-month RTOs, the deadline is 6 weeks before the effective date.
    • Fixed-term OA renewals
    • Post-retirement renewals, including TRP

Monday, February 26 is the deadline to submit new faculty offer cards in MyTrack for Spring Term appointments.

March 2024 Changes

Thursday, February 15 was the deadline to submit PRFs and other pay actions taking effect March 2024.

April 2024 Changes

Friday, March 15 is the deadline to submit PRFs and other pay actions taking effect April 2024.

In order to ensure timely delivery to payroll, the general HR deadlines for new MyTrack offers, renewal appointments, and Payroll Request Forms (PRFs) are laid out below. The faculty deadlines reflect the requirement to deliver faculty appointments 30 days prior to their start date per the collective bargaining agreement with United Academics. In order to meet this requirement, we need to receive the documents a month in advance of the delivery date.

The originating office must build in time for review and approval by any other offices that have to sign off (Deans/Directors).


  • Please submit offer cards as soon as possible after the candidate has accepted their contingent offer and a start date has been decided. Whenever possible, submit the offer card at least two weeks before the planned start date.


For information on deadlines for the May 1st renewal notice for Career faculty, visit the Office of the Provost website.


12-month Faculty and fixed term OAs:

  • May 1st for July 1st renewals, or
  • Two months prior to start of the renewal appointment.

9-month Faculty and fixed term OAs:

  • Regular Academic Year
    • August 1st for Fall Term
    • November 15th for Winter Term
    • February 1st for Spring Term
  • Law School Semester based Academic Year
    • June 1st for Fall Semester
    • November 15th for Spring Semester

Other renewal dates:

  • Two months prior to the start of the notice of appointment.


  • Summer Appointments: May 15th or the 15th of the month prior to the effective date on PAW.
  • Separation Requests: No sooner than 45 days in advance of their effective separation date. Preferably 1st of the month in which the separation occurs.
  • PRF Labor Distribution Changes: Send directly to payroll prior to the payroll document deadline.
  • All Other Forms: 15th of the month prior to the effective date.

These deadlines are to ensure that the appointment and renewal information reaches the Payroll Office by the payroll deadline.

**The new tenure track deadline is to meet the AAU guideline of making an offer to a faculty member of another AAU institution by May 1.