Immigration: Designations by Administrative Departments

Immigration Statuses

TPS, Parole, etc.

Who Makes the Change?

US government’s administrative departments (e.g. Department of State, Department of Homeland Security, etc.)


It would likely take months for new leaders of administrative departments to make changes to their designations, and it will likely be widely reported by immigration professionals before any changes take effect

The government’s administrative departments may give permission for specific groups to work and live in the US.  For example, using the Temporary Protected Status laws (TPS), the Attorney General can designate people from countries experiencing an armed conflict, environmental disaster, or other extraordinary conditions as eligible to temporarily remain in the US and work. 

The leaders of administrative departments are appointed by the President.  Depending on the priorities of the department’s leader, an administrative department may be more cautious in its designations; and therefore, either not renew a previous designation or be more hesitant to make new designations.

Employees who are concerned about their ability to maintain employment eligibility may want to contact an immigration attorney.  Visit the American Immigration Lawyers Association website for information on how to select an immigration attorney and a list of immigration attorneys.

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