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Provide the knowledge, skills, and resources to initiate, navigate, and successfully complete the hiring process.  

Learning outcomes include:

  • The UO core recruitment practices and obligation.
  • Writing position descriptions for recruitment.
  • Launching a search and building a robust pool of applicants.
  • Making an offer.
  • Using MyTrack and resources and support.  


The UO HR Community embodies a shared set of practices and competencies. This training targets the following competencies within the Recruitment & Hiring subject area.

  1. Understands and applies UO core recruitment practices (competitive recruitment, inclusive practices, and candidate experience) and the obligations of a public employer  
  2. Maintains knowledge and use of UO talent management system (MyTrack) and authorized processes and procedures.  
  3. Understands and applies relevant HR laws, rules, regulations, and UO policy related to recruiting and hiring (e.g., veteran’s preference, OEPA, adverse action, etc.)  
  4. Partners work with hiring managers to ensure search processes and selection decisions are compliant with policy, laws, and regulations, and selections are appropriately documented. 
  5. Oversees or advises search or selection committees, including developing strategies consistent with best practice and compliant with applicable laws.  
  6. Assists managers with presenting offer packages and negotiation strategies.  
  7. Establishes onboarding approach to ensure an effective transition  


Training Description

Recruiting and Hiring Series - Part 1: Introduction to Recruiting at the University of Oregon

[eLearning, 15m]

This training is the first in a series covering how to recruit, hire, and retain top talent at the University of Oregon. You will learn where to go for resources and who to contact for suport during the recruitment and hiring process, review UO’s core recruitment practices and the obligations we have as a public employer, and  explore typical steps in a recruitment process. The following courses are intended to be viewed in order. 

Recruiting and Hiring Series - Part 2: Writing Position Descriptions for Recruiting

[eLearning, 30m]

This training is the second in a series covering how to recruit, hire, and retain top talent at the University of Oregon. You will learn how position descriptions are used in the recruitment process, define the parts of position descriptions used in job ads, review how to create effective and engaging department and position summaries, and examine ways to define and write qualifications and competencies that align with recruitment and Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion best practices. 

Recruiting and Hiring Series - Part 3: Requisitions and Recruiting: How to Launch a Search and Build a Robust Pool of Applicants

[eLearning, 40m]

This training is the third in a series covering how to recruit, hire, and retain top talent at the University of Oregon. You will learn how to launch a search in MyTrack and will be introduced to different MyTrack user roles and their permissions. You will review how to design and implement an effective recruitment plan and describe  three effective methods for reaching a diverse body of potential candidates.  

Recruiting and Hiring Series - Part 4: Making an Offer

[eLearning, 40m]

This training is the fourth in a series covering how to recruit, hire, and retain top talent at the University of Oregon. You will learn how to make offers, negotiate with candidates, write contingent offer letters, and complete offer cards in MyTrack. 

Search Advocate Program

[instructor led, 16h, multi day course] 

The search advocate training curriculum prepares faculty and staff to serve as advocates on search committees. During this course participants will learn how to work to advance inclusive excellence by asking questions, test thinking, identifying, and promoting practices that advance diversity and social justice, and minimizing the impacts of cognitive and structural biases.  

MyTrack Orientation: An Overview of MyTrack for Recruitment and Learning Management

[eLearning, 30m] 

MyTrack is an enterprise-wide software platform designed to manage the recruitment and development of University of Oregon Employees.  This course will introduce those new to MyTrack to its tools and functionality. You will learn how to find MyTrack on the UO website, login to the platform, and navigate the Learning and Recruitment dashboards. You will also find out about resources and user guides available to users who need to know more about how to use MyTrack for specific functions.

MyTrack User Guides & Tools

Step-by-step guides and reference tools are available for the following major tasks in MyTrack. Select the title to be taken to the user guide.