MyTrack: Position Descriptions

The following tools will assist you with completing a position description:

PD Tools & Resources

MyTrack PD Template:

Talent Acquisition provides a template in Word format to serve as a working resource for HR Partners to use with hiring managers and supervisors to prepare a draft PD.

View PD Module Template

System Reference Guides

  • PD Module User Guide
    Step-by-step instructions for creating a new position description or viewing an existing one.
  • PD Module Fields References
    Information about each field to be completed in a position description in MyTrack.
  • Position Description Action Table
    This table provides guidance for units/departments on when to create a new position description in MyTrack vs. when to edit an existing position description.
  • Approval Processes Guide
    A list of approval steps and related roles required to complete position description processes in MyTrack.
  • How to Print a PD and Export to Word
    Supervisors or Employees may wish to print their PD to PDF and export to a Word document as a working draft. They may also copy/paste from the PDF into the MyTrack PD Template if desired.
  • How to view my PD (employee)
    Employees can use this document to navigate to and view their PD in MyTrack until the supervisor begins editing the PD in MyTrack.

General Position Description Guidance