Temporary Faculty Appointments

Temporary unclassified personnel (e.g., music camp instructors, vacation college teachers, visitors presenting lectures or workshops) are paid from unclassified wages (account code 10209). Such appointments are reserved for short term employees paid $3,000 or less and for six weeks or less.

The documents that are required to make temporary unclassified appointments are:
a) Payroll Request Form (PRF)
b) Payroll Packet
c) Submit the unsigned PRF for approval through the document submission upload form.

On the PRF, use position number BUOWTA for instructional/research positions or BUOWTO for administrative positions. The E-Class should be FA. Assign a Title that fits the nature of the job. Enter the appropriate Appointment Salary (actual pay). Provide a brief description of the activity in the "Remarks" section. Route the PRF through the appropriate Vice President's office for approval.

If the period of appointment is longer than six weeks or the pay amount is more than $3,000, a regular fixed-term appointment should be processed.

Temporary unclassified appointments are typically one-time-only. In any case, such an appointment should not be made more than once a year. These are not appropriate for pro tem instructors, who receive offers of academic staff appointment. 

If you are seeking to hire an Interim OA, please see the OA Position and Pay Actions.