Temporary Faculty Appointments

Setting Up Temporary Faculty Appointments

Here's a simple guide on how to set up temporary faculty appointments at the University of Oregon. This process is designed for short-term roles like music camp instructors or guest lecturers.

Understanding Temporary Faculty Appointments

  • These appointments are for roles like music camp instructors, vacation college teachers, or visitors for lectures and workshops.
  • They are paid from unclassified wages (account code 10209).
  • Appointments are short-term, for employees paid $3,000 or less and for six weeks or less.
  • These appointments are typically one-time-only and should not be repeated more than once a year.
  • They are not suitable for Pro Tempore instructors, who should receive academic staff appointment offers. See New Appointments or Renewal Appointments.
  • They are not suitable for hiring an Interim Officer of Administration (OA). See Classification and Compensation's OA Interim Assignments and OA Position and Pay Actions.

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Required Documents for Instructional or Research Temporary Unclassified Appointments

  1. Instructional or Research Payroll Request Form (PRF), prefilled
  2. Temporary Payroll Packet
  3. Submit the unsigned PRF for approval through the HR: Payroll Request Form (PRF) Upload - Faculty/OA.

This guide should help you with the process of setting up temporary faculty appointments. Remember, this is a simple step-by-step guide, and if you have any questions or need further assistance, the Human Resources team is always here to support you at hrops@uoregon.edu. Happy hiring!