Temporary Faculty Appointments

Setting Up Temporary Faculty Appointments

Here's a simple guide on how to set up temporary faculty appointments at the University of Oregon. This process is designed for short-term roles like music camp instructors or guest lecturers.

Understanding Temporary Faculty Appointments

  • These appointments are for roles like music camp instructors, vacation college teachers, or visitors for lectures and workshops.
  • They are paid from unclassified wages (account code 10209).
  • Appointments are short-term, for employees paid $3,000 or less and for six weeks or less.
  • These appointments are typically one-time-only and should not be repeated more than once a year.
  • They are not suitable for Pro Tempore instructors, who should receive academic staff appointment offers. See New Appointments or Renewal Appointments.
  • They are not suitable for hiring an Interim Officer of Administration (OA). See Classification and Compensation's OA Interim Assignments and OA Position and Pay Actions.

Required Documents to Submit

  • Temporary Faculty Appointment PRF template. Please select BUOWTA or RUOWTA for the position.
  • Temporary Payroll Packet
  • Submit the unsigned PRF for approval through the HR: Payroll Request Form (PRF) Upload - Faculty/OA.
  • Filling Out the PRF

    • Choose one of the prefilled PRFs above (it will have the correct Job Change Reason, Position Number, and EClass).
    • Assign a title that matches the job's nature.
    • Enter the Appointment Salary (actual pay).
    • Add a brief description of the activity in the "Remarks" section. For example:
      • Temporary appointment effective MM/DD/YYYY, title to be XXX, appointment salary of $XXX, end date of MM/DD/YYYY.

    This guide should help you with the process of setting up temporary faculty appointments. Remember, this is a simple step-by-step guide, and if you have any questions or need further assistance, the Human Resources team is always here to support you at hrops@uoregon.edu.