HRCP: Employee Engagement & Development

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Provide guidance on navigating and supporting employees’ personal and professional development and engagement.  

Learning outcomes include:

  • Learning how to navigate UO learning platforms.
  • Awareness of funding opportunities for personal and professional development.
  • Awareness of the importance of and resources for employee engagement.  


The UO HR Community embodies a shared set of practices and competencies. This training targets the following competencies within the Employee Development subject area.

  1. Demonstrates knowledge of professional development and training concepts and resources and uses this understanding to provide resources and make recommendations.  
  2. Understands the importance of employee engagement and recognition and utilizes University programs and services to support and recognize employees.  


Training Description

Using LinkedIn Learning for Employee Training and Development

[Instructor Led course, 90m] 

In this course you will learn how to navigate the UO LinkedIn Learning platform; find and share the best courses with your team; track employee progress; and how to create custom training. Examples from the UO of how supervisors are using LinkedIn Learning for Employee training and development will be shared. 

Navigating Learning and Development Opportunities at UO

[eLearning, 30m] 

This e-learning course reviews training offered by university departments and external facilitators, funding opportunities for fee-based development activities, and how to find learning activities and track your professional development using the MyTrack Learning Management System and LinkedIn Learning.  

Employee Engagement

[LinkedIn Learning eLearning course, 1h 22m] 

In this course you will learn what engaged work and leadership look like; how to bring these qualities to your organization; and proven techniques for how to attract, hire, and retain engaged employees.