DuckWeb: Notice of Appointment Process

Renewal of Notices of Appointment

Electronic Format via DuckWeb

  • Your Annual Renewal Notice of Appointment is available electronically.
  • This process is fully online. You'll receive and accept your Notice through DuckWeb.

How to Access and Accept Your Notice

  • Log into DuckWeb: This is where you'll find your Notice of Appointment.
  • Need help with DuckWeb?
    • To access DuckWeb, you need your UO ID (a nine-digit number starting with "95") and your Personal Access Code (PAC).
    • If you don't know your UO ID, contact your department's human resources or payroll manager.
    • If you've forgotten your PAC, you can reset it in DuckWeb. Just enter your UO ID and click on "Forgot PAC?". You can also contact the Human Resources Service Center for help resetting your PAC.