Eligibility Requirements

Faculty and Staff

Faculty and Staff (not including temporary employees, graduate assistants, and other student employees) employed half-time or more on the first day of classes may register (or transfer their staff fee privileges to one family member each term) for a maximum of 12 hours of credit per term at the staff rate. The benefit cannot be subdivided among family members during the term. Part-time employees with less than .5 FTE are not eligible for staff rates.

Courtesy appointments

Courtesy staff (including PostDocs receiving stipends) will be considered for staff fee rates in extremely limited circumstances. The granting of staff fee rates for courtesy staff must be approved, in advance of the appointment, by the appropriate Vice President or Vice Provost for Academic Affairs. To be considered for staff fee rates, courtesy staff must be full time and provide a benefit to the institution in the form of teaching, research or counseling under the direction of the university. If granted staff fee rates, courtesy appointments are not eligible to transfer their benefit to a family member.

Other Institutions

The staff rate for tuition applies to all Oregon public universities. Qualified employees may use the staff rate for tuition at the institution of their choice. Staff and faculty members who use the staff rates for tuition for courses away from their home institution are subject to the policies and procedures of the instructing institution.


Retired employees and staff members on approved leave are also eligible for staff rates for tuition if the last FTE on record qualifies them for staff rates. Retirees (including those working 600 or 1039 hour appointments) are not eligible to transfer their benefit to family members.


Neither mandatory fees nor tuition are assessed to employees (including those who are retired and on approved leave) or family members auditing courses. If applicable, course materials and lab fees are assessed. Attendance must be with the instructor's consent and on a space-available basis. The audit may be used in addition to staff fee privileges during a term by one qualifying student, but may not be subdivided during a term or semester. To audit classes you will need to submit an Auditor Registration Form through the Registrar's Office in addition to the Staff Tuition Benefit form

Summer breaks

If classified academic year employees and 9-month academic employees are on break when summer classes begin, their FTE immediately prior to the scheduled summer break is used to determine eligibility. Employees working only during the summer are not eligible for staff rates. Employees not returning in the fall will not be eligible for staff rates during the summer session.