Job Change and Separation Reason Code Guide

Job change reason (JCR) and separation codes at the University of Oregon are created and maintained by both Human Resources and Business Affairs.

Codes are created and used to best fit current and future needs, and are reviewed and updated as needed or as needs changes. Codes are selected and used on Payroll Request Forms (PRF), Request to Offers (RTO), and through internal processes handled by central HR or Payroll.

It can sometimes be difficult to identify which JCR to use and when. To ease finding the appropriate code, we have grouped JCRs into lists based on the process or form in which they are used (eg, PRF, RTO, etc).

Please choose the JCR that is the primary reason for the change and is specifically applicable to the situation. More general codes should only be used if a specific code doesn't exist for the transaction. For example:

  • You are processing a post tenure review increase. There is a specific code for Post Tenure review increases (PPTR), and the more general Pay Increase Other (PSALO) would not be used for this case.
  • There are new specific codes just for Fixed Term employees: Fixed Term Appointment Begins (FIXAB), Fixed Term Appointment Reappointment (FIXAR), and Fixed Term Appointment End (FIXAE). Fixed term appointments include Pro Tem faculty, Visiting, Postdoctoral Scholars, temporary, interim OA, student, and graduate employees.
  • There are unique codes for non-renewal of career faculty jobs. Instead of Job Record Ends TERMJ, use the PRF JCR list to choose the one that fits the reason for non-renewal.

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