Career and Fixed Term Faculty Pay Action Form Guidance

Step-by-Step Guidance:

Guidelines are subject to change and represent general practices but that may change depending on the facts of the underlying case.

Introductory Notes:

  • Do not enter into salary negotiations or discuss proposed salary changes with candidates or employees until this form has been completed.
  • Do not submit this form for:
    • Tenure-Track Faculty pay actions.
    • EC Cares appointments that follow appropriate classification and step system.
  • The form is required for all other career and fixed term faculty pay actions (visiting, pro tem, post doctoral, and retired), including librarians: New appointments, Expansion of duties, Retentions, Reclassifications, Renewals with salary changes.

Appointment Information

  • Salary Floor: State the appropriate contract or unit level salary floor.
  • Proposed Salary: The base salary for the appointment under consideration.
  • Current Salary: Only required for current UO employees.

Step 1: Assess the Pay Action

  • Postdoctoral appointments that are at the salary floor/minimum may continue to step 5.
  • Pro Tem appointments at the salary floor/minimum may continue to step 5.
  • All other appointments or pay actions are required to continue to step 2.

Step 2: Comparable Positions

When evaluating positions that may be comparable, review job duties and essential qualifications including required degrees, certificates, training etc. required for the position. Evaluation of the position does not consider the individual/s who hold the positions, but the specific details of the job. If the skills required to perform the job duties of different positions are not interchangeable, then the positions would not generally be comparable. When evaluating if jobs are comparable, you may consider whether the work requires substantially similar knowledge, skill, effort, responsibility and working conditions in the performance of work, irrespective of job description or job title. For example:

  • An Instructor of French and Instructor of Italian are not interchangeable and therefore not comparable.
  • A position requiring a PhD in English and a position requiring a Master’s degree in English would not be comparable (and the actual degrees of the individuals at question would not be relevant).

Positions with different titles may well be comparable positions based on job duties and qualifications. For example:

  • A senior instructor and an instructor may well have comparable positions.

Step 3: Analyzing UO Seniority and Salary

When positions are identified as having work of comparable character, we generally expect the employee with more seniority to have the higher salary. If the proposed new salary of the employee is no more than 3% higher than any comparable employee with equal or greater seniority, then you may proceed to Step 5. Seniority is measured by years of prior UO experience in assignments relevant to the current role.

Step 4: Evaluation, Explanation, and Confirmation

NOTE: Using AdobeSign (Videos) for the signer on this step will likely expedite your process.

A critical component of the evaluation required for step 4 is the relevance of any experience, education or training (above requirements) that is used to justify a higher salary. Examples:

  • A PhD in English is probably not relevant to a position of Instructor of Flute.
  • A PhD in chemical engineering might well be relevant to a position of Instructor of Mathematics.

In order to justify differences in salary based on merit, the meritorious performance must be documented and associated with a formal process such as promotion and/or annual evaluation.

Review of such relevant experience, training and/or merit should be conducted by someone of appropriate authority and qualification, such as a Department Head, Institute Director, academic Associate Dean, or Dean.

Step 5: Certification

  • The certification reflects a good faith effort to consider the appointment, comparators, and making an equitable offer.
  • This document should be signed by the person who has conducted the analysis and is able to ensure that it is accurate.

Step 6: Submit

Pay Action Process

New Hires

Upload this form to the MyTrack offer card under the Faculty Pay Form document category.

Expansions of Duty Upload this form to the documents tab of the MyTrack position description under the Faculty Pay Form document category.
Reclassifications Upload this form to the documents tab of the MyTrack position description under the Faculty Pay Form document category.
Retentions Include this form with your Retention Request Approval form.
Renewals (with base salary changes) Include this form as an attachment with your renewal form, in addition to attaching the approval from OtP (only required when base salary is changing). DO NOT submit a pay change on a faculty renewal without OtP approval. If no prior approval, submit the renewal at the usual rate and submit a PRF for the pay change with OtP approval.


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