Renewal Appointments

Guide to Renewal Appointments for Academic Year 2023-24

For Career Faculty

  • What's Automatic: Career faculty in the bargaining unit are considered ongoing and will not receive renewal notices. These employees have an average ongoing full-time equivalent (FTE) commitment, referred to as their annualized FTE, see Article 16. Notices of Appointment, Section 8. Career Faculty FTE of the Collective Bargaining Agreement for further details.
  • Checking the Details: Faculty who are under 1.0 will revert to their annualized FTE before the start of the academic year. Departments are responsible for submitting an Appointment Percent Change Form including a PAW that reflects the full academic year. University Human Resources verifies that the faculty member’s FTE meets the University’s commitment.

For Other Faculty

  • Who Needs to Act: Departments will take the lead for Tenure-Track Faculty (TTF) and Career non-bargaining faculty due for renewal.
  • Where to Find Info: Check out the "Faculty Appointment & Renewal Report" in Cognos for a list of who’s up for renewal.
  • What to Do: Create renewal Request To Offer (RTO) forms in Banner on the PWAAPPT screen and follow the normal steps for getting approvals. Keep an eye on those deadlines from University Human Resources and the dean's office.

For Pro Tempore and Visiting Faculty

  • Department's Responsibility: Just like Other Faculty, departments need to create renewal RTOs in Banner and submit them for approval. Please follow our deadlines and those of the department.

For Post-Retirement Faculty

For Postdoctoral Scholars

  • Submitting Renewals: Use the current rate for renewals and skip any rate increase on the RTO, except for specific cases like NIH rate adjustments on July 1st renewals.
  • Internal Comments: Always make sure to confirm in the internal comments section that an Individual Development Plan (IDP) is in place for the postdoctoral scholar. It's important we have this on record for each postdoc's appointment. See the Provost's Postdoctoral Appointment Guidelines.
  • Avoid Mistakes: Don't add the annual step increase to the RTO—it's done automatically and including it can cause errors.

For Faculty Promotions

  • Promotion Details: Once the Office of the provost approves faculty promotions, University Human Resources and Payroll facilitate the process to enter new ranks and salary increases into Banner. Departments just need to update Banner on the PWAREVW screen for TTF Review info.
  • Extra Increases Outside the Promotion Process: If there’s an increase above 8% that wasn’t in the promotion notice, departments will need to submit a separate request for approval, which should include a memorandum and a PRF submitted through the Faculty/OA PRF upload.

For Fixed-Term OA

This includes roles with "interim" in the title.

  • Getting Approval: Reach out to your talent recruitment consultant to talk about extending a fixed-term Officer of Administration (OA) position. When submitting a Fixed Term - Assignment Renewal (FIXAR) PRF to extend the appointment, remember to attach the University Human Resources Talent team's approval.

For Role with Negotiated Contract

This includes roles like coaches or deans with a negotiated contract with the Office of the President or the General Counsel.

  • With a Salary Increase: Submit a Negotiated Salary Increase (PNEG) PRF. Don't forget to include the contract as a supplemental document alongside the PRF.

For Post-Retirement OA or Classified

  • Attaching Appointment Terms: Along with the PRF, make sure to include the terms of the appointment that were provided to the appointee. This should cover the length of the appointment and the percentage of time they will be working (appointment percent). It's crucial that these details are clearly stated and attached for complete documentation.

Got Questions?

If anything is unclear or if you have any questions, please get in touch with the University Human Resources Operations team at