MyTrack Learning - Supervisors Guide

What you do:

View employees

From the menu bar, click “My team." From the drop down menu, select "Organizational chart."

The organizational chart displays all employees who are listed as reporting to your position in Banner. This includes the employee's name and position title. Need to make updates to your team? Visit the Supervisor Record Maintenance page.

Supervisors can access individual employee profiles, their development plans, and upcoming learning activities from the organizational chart.


Access a development plan

View an employee's development plan by clicking "Development plan" below their name on the organizational chart.

Add learning activities to a development plan

Once an employee's development plan is displayed, add learning activities to an their plan by clicking on "Explore library."

Find the learning activity within the Learning library and view the activity by clicking on the activity tile.

Suggest or book the activity for the employee.

To suggest an activity:
Click on "Suggest" to add the activity to their development plan under the 'suggested' tab. This does not book, or enroll, the employee in the activity.

To book an activity:
Click on "Select a timeslot" or, for eLearning, "Add to plan, Book" to enroll the employee in the activity.

For timeslot activities, complete the booking by selecting from the available timeslots provided on the screen and click on "Book."

Once booked, the screen returns to the learning library with a confirmation message displayed in a green box.

The employee will receive an automated confirmation message from MyTrack letting them know that they have been booked into an activity. This message will not tell them who booked them into the activity or why they were booked.

View development activities for employees

From the menu bar, click “My team." From the drop down menu, select "Team development."

View the development activities for all team members.

This view provides quick access to employees' scheduled learning activities. To book or suggest activities, go to the employee's development plan from the organizational chart.