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The people who work at the University of Oregon
are our competitive advantage.

Together, we are transforming today's students
into tomorrow's leaders.

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Our Mission

To provide human resources expertise and thought leadership as we strategically partner with the University’s community of HR practitioners and the broader campus to meet the institution’s strategic objectives. To serve as a comprehensive, innovative, and results-oriented resource, delivering services and programs which demonstrate a commitment to engagement, inclusiveness, respect, fairness, best practice, principled problem solving, and accountability.

Our Vision

We strive to be proactive, consultative partners meeting the needs of employees and operations across the institution. University Human Resources, in collaboration with the broader campus community of HR practice/practitioners, will lead efforts to attract, select, retain, develop, and engage world-class faculty and staff by:

  1. Providing professional consultation which demonstrates principled problem solving to maximize organizational performance, improve operations, and guide strategic decision-making.
  2. Communicating openly and effectively with the campus community and other audiences we serve.
  3. Fostering a campus environment which maximizes engagement in and contributions to teaching, research, service, and student development.
  4. Offering a variety of programs, services, and educational opportunities to support professional growth and build connections within the University community.

HR Strategic Principles

Human Resources Leadership

Mark Schmelz

Mark Schmelz, Chief Human Resources Officer

Mark recently joined the University of Oregon with 20 years of experience in human resources, including 11 years leading employee and labor relations efforts in higher education. Most recently, he was the Chief Human Resources Officer for the University of Maine system, which has seven universities, as well as a law school and an additional 31 course sites, and a population of more than 29,000 students and approximately 5,400 employees. Mark holds a bachelor’s degree in criminal justice from Shippensburg University.

photograph of Human Resources leadership team members
HR Leadership Team: Sonia Potter, Mark Schmelz, Kaia Rogers, Stephanie Neuhart, and Nancy Nieraeth

Employee & Labor Relations

Search open for Senior Director

Union Negotiations
Grievance Management
Conflict Resolution
Policy Administration

Employee & Labor Relations Staff
Organizational Chart

Talent Acquisition

Nancy Nieraeth, Director

Hiring and Selection
Global Workforce
International Employment

Talent Acquisition Staff
Organizational Chart

Classification & Compensation

Stephanie Neuhart, Director

Expansion of Duties for Officers of Administration
Review of new and existing positions
Work out of class
Lead work differentials

Class & Comp Staff
Organizational Chart

HR Operations

Sonia Potter, Director

Personnel Actions
Contract Renewal
Data Analysis and Reporting

HR Operations Staff
Organizational Chart

HR Programs & Services

Kaia Rogers, Senior Director

Benefits & Medical Leaves
Employee Recognition
Work-Life Resources
HR Service Center
Learning and Development
Strategic Initiatives

HR Programs & Services Staff
Organizational Chart