HR Directory

HR Email Accounts

Human Resources uses general role email accounts to assist you with answering questions and resolving issues. By using these general accounts, your question or need will reach several staff members who are assigned to triage and respond to inquiries. One of the benefits of utilizing these role accounts is that we can reassign items to the correct individual, or have an internal consult and reply with more comprehensive answer.

The role accounts by each unit are provided below with the name of the unit linked to the staff listing.

HR Programs, Services & Operations

Learning & Development:

Talent Acquisition and Classification & Compensation

Employee & Labor Relations

Employment/Labor Relations Personnel Matters, Performance Management, Grievances, Misconduct, Interpretation of policy/CBA, Collective Bargaining, Layoffs/Non-Renewals and Professional Development Services

Contacts Title Phone Number Email Address
Chris Meade Director of Employee and Labor Relations (541) 346-2965
Dan Currier Associate Director of Employee & Labor Relations (541) 346-7531
Peter Fehrs Associate Director of Employee and Labor Relations (541) 346-2998
Brittany Jayne Associate Director of Employee and Labor Relations (541) 346-2966
Celia Nittman Assistant Director and Accommodations Coordinator (541) 346-2186 
Jennifer Maynard Employee and Labor Relations Specialist (541) 346-1994

HR Programs and Services

Benefits, Employee Leaves, Work-Life Resources, HR Communications & Events, Data Management and Reporting, Policy, Web Services, and HR Service Center

Programs & Services

Contacts Title Phone Number Email Address
Kaia Rogers Chief of Staff and Senior Director of HR Programs and Services (541) 346-2961
Sandee Bybee HR Employee Engagement and Communications Manager (541) 346-3000
Jen Mirabile Assistant Director of HR Programs (541) 346-2195


Contacts Title Phone Number Email Address
Anne Willis Assistant Director of Benefits 541-346-3086
Kenny Ly Senior Medical Leaves Coordinator 541-346-2950
Cindi Peterson Benefits Strategic Projects
Tracy Lilley Leaves Coordinator 541-346-1246
Juniper Thompson Benefits Coordinator 541-346-2009
Cindy Huie Benefits Coordinator 541-346-0349

Learning & Development

Contacts Title Phone Number Email Address
Tiffany Lundy Associate Director Learning & Development 541-346-2801
Chloe Barnett  Learning & Development Coordinator 541-346-2989
Sheena Kindred  Learning & Development Coordinator 541-346-5116


Contacts Title Phone Number Email Address
Catherine Bonomini-Smith Senior Associate Director of HR Operations 541-346-2032
Wendy Fuller HR Operations Coordinator 541-346-2942
Spencer Johnson HR Operations Analyst 541-346-2981
Erin Sandvold HR Operations Specialist 541-346-3129
Hailey Eckerdt Interim HR Operations Specialist 541-346-0868

Service Center

Contacts Title Phone Number Email Address
Michelle Cottrell HR Service Center Manager 541-346-2952
Teresa Bonomini HR Specialist (541) 346-2671
Miriam Silvers HR Specialist (541) 346-4608

Talent Acquisition and Classification & Compensation


Hiring and selection

Contacts Title Phone Number Email Address
Jenna Schuttpelz Director Talent Acquisition and Classification & Compensation 541-346-2963
Maeve Anderson Associate Director for University Talent Acquisition 541-346-2531
Megan Flanigan HR DEI Analyst 541-346-8138
Rhonda Smith Dual Career Liaison 541-346-7802
Shawna Gilbert Recruitment Consultant 541-346-2977
Sara Bowman Recruitment Consultant 541-346-2346
Ellie Glunn Recruitment Consultant 541-346-0613
Mollie Peterson Recruitment Specialist 541-346-2343
Jhylen Lorenz Interim Recruitment Specialist 541-346-2910

Classification and Compensation

The Classification and Compensation Unit consults units and departments on reorganizations, position classifications, and compensation matters.

Contacts Title Phone Number Email Address
Grant Keeney Assistant Director of Classification and Compensation 541-346-2959
Bryce Root Classification and Compensation Analyst 541-346-9619
Randi Schmechel  Classification and Compensation Analyst 541-346-2981
Harmony Stobaugh Classification and Compensation Analyst 541-346-9620
Ben Kintner Classification and Compensation Analyst 541-346-1599
Tang Tumbahangphe Classification and Compensation Analyst 541-346-2821
McKenzie Burnett Classification and Compensation Specialist 541-346-7552
Samuel TenBrook Classification and Compensation Specialist 541-346-7557

Chief of Human Resources Office

Contacts Title Phone Number Email Address
Mark Schmelz Chief Human Resources Officer and Vice President 541-346-2987
Sue Russell Executive Assistant and Strategic Initiatives Coordinator 541-346-0686
Louise Hutson Administrative Assistant 541-346-7239