Talent Acquisition

Recruitment is supported by the Talent Acquisition Team. The Talent Acquisition team is part of the Talent Acquisition, Classification, and Compensation (TACC) team within University Human Resources.  

Our mission is to help you recruit diverse and robust pools of candidates and hire the best faculty and staff for the position. We provide guidance, consultations, tools, and resources on best practices for all stages of recruitment and hiring – from using active recruitment strategies to structuring inclusive interviews to navigating offer negotiations.  

We are committed to collaborative relationships with our campus partners, responsiveness to candidate needs and trends, continuous improvement, and creative solutions.  

We are guided by three principles  

Competitive recruitment – Standard, expected practice is to use competitive searches to make opportunities open to all. 

Inclusive practices – From position descriptions, to job postings, to interviews, to offers – we value and seek to center equity and inclusion.  

Positive candidate experience – In designing a search process and executing it, we care about the experiences of candidates and how our processes impact them, regardless of whether they are ultimately successful candidates. 


Recruiting and Hiring Process

Information and resources for recruiting and hiring faculty and staff.  Get started:


Classification & Compensation

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Classification & Compensation