UO Student Workers


UO’s student employees voted to form a union in October 2023. The state Employment Relations Board (ERB) certified the election results in November, and the university is ready to begin negotiations with the University of Oregon Student Workers union (UOSW) to develop the first collective bargaining agreement between the two parties. 

The University of Oregon values the contributions made by student employees. We remain committed to providing our students with valuable work experience and financial assistance through part-time employment while they pursue higher education.

UOSW Bargaining Updates

UOSW Implementation Updates

New Employee Orientations for Student Workers


Negotiations for a collective bargaining agreement between the UO and UOSW have begun. Keeping the university community informed is a top priority. The UO bargaining team will provide periodic updates throughout the bargaining process. Questions and requests for additional information should be directed to the bargaining team in Employee and Labor Relations at uoelr@uoregon.edu.

Information and Updates

Disclosure of contact information 

The university works diligently to keep student information private and confidential and is required under the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 (FERPA) to make a reasonable effort to notify the student of any required information disclosures so that the student may object. 

In this case, the university is required by Oregon law to provide student employees’ directory information (name, job title, salary, work site location, date of hire, telephone number, UO email address, and mailing address) to UOSW. Student employees do have the right to request their information not be provided to UOSW and will be notified before any such disclosures with enough notice to object. 

Frequently asked questions 

Who is included in the union?

The union has been defined to include “All student employees of the University of Oregon (meaning all employees holding any position designated as a “student employee” position in the University’s ERP system, as well as resident assistants), with the following exclusions: The bargaining unit excludes all supervisory and confidential employees, as well as employees holding positions that are included in other bargaining units under existing certification or recognition clauses. The bargaining unit also excludes any “short-term” position, meaning a position that has an intended duration of less than 30 calendar days of compensable work.”

When did voting occur?

The election occurred October 5-24, 2023.  

Who was eligible to vote?

All student employees who worked hours in April, May, June, July, August, or September of 2023 (and had not graduated), as well as active resident assistants and any student employee hired between August 15 and September 19, 2023, was eligible to vote.

How was it decided that there will be a union?

Following the election period, the Employment Relations Board (ERB) tallied the votes. A majority of the votes cast in the election supported forming a union.

What student employee information does the university share with UOSW? 

State law requires the UO to provide UOSW with student employees’ “directory information” so that UOSW can conduct its work. The university has issued a temporary policy that defines directory information for student employees as: name, job title, salary, work site location, date of hire, telephone number, UO email address, and mailing address. Student employees have the right to restrict the information that UO shares with UOSW and will be notified of such disclosures with enough notice to object. 

Presentations on UOSW Updates

The Student Employee Coordinator is available to give presentations on UOSW updates to professional staff groups on campus. This presentation will outline what supervisors need to know related to student worker unionization, including timelines, policy changes, and necessary updates to supervision practices. To request a presentation, use the link below. 

Request a UOSW Updates Presentation

Staff members can also receive student worker unionization updates by registering to attend a presentation on MyTrack, link below.

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