UO Student Workers

An election of eligible voters ended on Tuesday, October 24, to determine if student employees at the University of Oregon would form a union. About a quarter of those eligible to vote participated, and they overwhelmingly supported union representation. The results are detailed in the notice from the Employment Relations Board.

Following the Employment Relations Board’s certification of election results, Human Resources will be ready to move forward with the next steps in the process, working in good faith with the ERB and the student union representatives, which will involve a series of procedures and actions to formalize the union.

At this time, there are no immediate changes for student employees or the university. 

The collective bargaining timeline is yet to be determined. It will be based on future notifications provided by the union as established by the ERB. More information will be provided as it becomes available.

The University of Oregon values the contributions made by student employees. We remain committed to providing valuable work experience and financial assistance through part-time employment while they pursue higher education.  

Frequently Asked Questions 

Who is included in the proposed union?

The union has been defined to include “All student employees of the University of Oregon (meaning all employees holding any position designated as a “student employee” position in the University’s ERP system, as well as resident assistants), with the following exclusions: The bargaining unit excludes all supervisory and confidential employees, as well as employees holding positions that are included in other bargaining units under existing certification or recognition clauses. The bargaining unit also excludes any “short-term” position, meaning a position that has an intended duration of less than 30 calendar days of compensable work.”

When did voting occur?

The election occurred October 5-24, 2023.  

Who was eligible to vote?

All student employees who worked hours in April, May, June, July, August, or September of 2023 (and have not graduated), as well as active resident assistants and any student employee hired between August 15 and September 19, 2023, are eligible to vote.

How was it decided that there will be a union?

Following the election period, the Employment Relations Board (ERB) tallied the votes. A majority of the votes cast in the election supported forming a union.