UOSW Implementation Updates

Updates as of February 27, 2024

Weingarten rights

Effective immediately, Weingarten rights apply to student employees, which means:

  • Student employees have the right to have a union steward present during investigatory interviews or questioning when the student employee has a reasonable belief that discipline or other adverse employment consequences may result from what they say. This does not apply to normal supervisor-employee interactions where discipline is not contemplated, even if the feedback is critical.
  • The onus is on the student employee to invoke their Weingarten rights.
  • The union steward is there to ask questions and observe. They should not interfere, speak for the student employee, or tell the student employee what to say or not say.
  • Weingarten rights do not apply to meetings that are not related to discipline. Supervisors may tell stewards that they do not have the right to be present at a meeting that is not disciplinary or investigatory.


UOSW members are generally permitted to hang posters on workplace bulletin boards where students, employees or other unions are allowed to post. However, it's okay to remove posters that violate building policy (if the policy prohibits posters on walls or doors, for example) or don’t otherwise comply with expressly stated postering requirements (e.g. management-only boards). If you have questions about the nuances of postering, please email uoelr@uoregon.edu.

New student employee orientations

UOSW has the right to present for at least 30 minutes at units' orientations for new student employees. It is the department's responsibility to inform UOSW of upcoming new student employee orientations by filling out this online form. Note that this applies even if you are onboarding only one student employee. For more information on this requirement, go here.

Other notes

If you generally permit student employees to talk about non work-related subjects during work time, you cannot prevent them from discussing union-related matters during work time.

Refer to the Student Employment Enhancement website for resources and best practices, but if you have questions about the UOSW contract or requirements, please contact uoelr@uoregon.edu.

These and other university policies are not intended to contravene employee rights established under ORS 663.110 and Oregon law.