MyTrack User Guide: Position Description


What you do:

Start job description process from the Dashboard

Click “Manage position description” in the tile labeled “Job Description” or select “Manage position description library” from the "Workflows" or "Requistions" areas from the stacked (hamburger) menu next to the PageUp logo.

View a position description.

Access the position description library.  Fields at the top can be used to search on or filter results.  Column headers can be clicked on to sort PDs by that field.  Statuses and other information can be found next to the PD.

The position descriptions available in a user’s library are determined based upon user roles and permissions. If you need access to an existing PD that is not showing up in your library, you can contact HR to request access.

Begin a new job description.

Select the best options based on your needs:

  • “Edit” to update or modify an existing description that has not yet been appproved.
    • If the PD has already been approved, you will need to scroll to the bottom of the PD under 'Users & Approvals' and click the 'Restart Approvals' button before you will be able to make edits.
  • Copy an existing position description.
    Click “View” next to the position description you want to copy.
    When description opens, click on “Copy position description.”
  • “New position description” to start from a blank template.


Complete “Positon Info” section

Once presented with the Position Description Information page, begin with the “Position Info” tab.

Fill all relevant fields with information about the job in the Position Info tab.

Ensure that you complete all mandatory fields (marked with an asterisk).

Complete “Notes” section

Use the Notes tab to record extra information about the position description (PD).  Notes will be visible to anyone who accesses the PD.

Attach documents to the description

Use the Documents tab to attach documents such as organizational charts or other documentation.  Documents will be accessible to anyone accessing the PD.

Submit the position description.

“Save a draft” can be used when you need to save the PD you are working on and come back and complete it at another time.

When all final details have been entered, click “Submit” to start the approval process and stay on the page, or “Submit and exit” to start the approval process and exit the PD. This action will send the PD to the next user in the approval process for them to review.

Once all approvers have reviewed and approved the PD, you will receive an email notification and the PD will show an “Approved” status in your position description library.