Established Salary Ranges for OA Recruitment/New Hire Offers

OA positions intended for recruitment are now required to have an approved hiring range. Typically the hiring range will be finalized before the position is posted for recruitment. For common jobs, HR will derive the hiring range from the salaries of individuals in common positions. HR will notify the unit of the Equal Pay Act concern. If the unit has concerns about their ability to recruit with the hiring range as stated, they are encouraged to consult with HR. HR will share the compensation analysis and discuss adjusting the proposed hiring range. If HR and the unit are unable to finalize a hiring range, HR may initiate the following actions:

  • Post the position with an unspecified hiring range (or not including the maximum of the range), then work with the unit to gather additional information about the bona fide factors of employees in common jobs, which then may be used to extend the hiring range at the time of offer if the candidate exceeds the profile of other individuals in common jobs; or
  • Prior to recruiting for the position, provide the hiring range analysis to the VPFA for consult with the area vice president (generally this option will be exercised if the other options are unavailable or do not result in agreement).

If, after the search commences, hiring managers anticipate difficulty hiring within the range approved at the position description stage, please consult with Classification & Compensation at the earliest possible opportunity in order to avoid delays at the offer stage. It is highly recommended that hiring authorities share the hiring range with candidates early in the selection process to ensure candidates’ expectations are aligned throughout the search with internal equity. Keep in mind that OEPA prohibits inquiries about candidates’ prior salaries but allows confirmation of candidates’ salary expectations. Contact the Classification & Compensation Team for additional information.

Establishing a hiring range will not affect the ability to post jobs without a range (“salary commensurate with education and experience”).

Important notes about New Hire Offers

  • The process described above replaces the authority previously given to vice presidents to authorize salary offers of up to 10% over the hiring range at the time of offer without exception approval.
  • Allowing sufficient time for review of position descriptions is critical, in case the position is considered common and requires additional review before a hiring range can be finalized.