Recording a Completed OA Performance Review

Completed OA performance reviews are recorded via Smartsheets. Instructions, guidance, and frequently asked questions for the evaluation recording process are provided below.

Recording Instructions

Important Note: By submitting the form, the submitter will be recording that they confirm a performance review for the employee listed has been completed. If this performance review has not yet been completed, do not submit, and work with the supervisor to complete the review.

  1. Go to the UO OA Employee Performance Review Submission Form
  2. Enter all fields (field references provided below).
  3. Acknowledge that the performance review is completed by checking the designated box (required).
  4. Enter a UO email address for the record. A copy of the completed form will be sent to this email address. This can be your email address or another individual who should receive a copy of the form.
  5. Click on "Submit."

Note:  An email will be sent to the email address submitted under “UO Email Address – Submitter” with a copy of the form responses.

Form Field References

The following field descriptions guide the entry process:

UOID - Employee: Enter the employee’s UO ID (95#)

First Name – Employee: Enter the employee’s first name.

Last Name – Employee:  Enter the end date of the review year. For reviews covering FY2020, the end date would be June 30, 2020.

Review Process Year: For reviews ending in CY2021 select the “2021 OA Performance” review process.

Review start date: Enter the date that starts the review year. For example, for a review ending in CY2021, the start date might be May 1, 2020.

Review end date: Enter the end date of the review year. For example, for reviews ending in CY2021, the end date might be April 30, 2021.

UO Email Address – Submitter: Enter the submitter’s full UO email address. The submitter will be sent a copy of the UO OA Employee Performance Review Submission Form.

Performance Review Reports

HR generates review completion reports for each unit in early fall of each year. Reports can be requested throughout the year by emailing

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I record the review in Smartsheets?

Access the Smartsheets form. Complete the form by filling in the data for the performance evaluation and submit.

See the performance review completion submission process guide for more information.

Am I required to upload a performance review?

No. Uploading the performance review document is not available in the Smartsheets performance review recording process. As you have in the past, completed performance evaluations should continue to be kept on file within the unit's personnel file.

Can I delegate the recording of the review to someone else?

Yes, review completions can be recorded by someone else on your behalf. Special permissions are not required to record a performance review in Smartsheets. You can access the form on the performance review completion submission page.

How do I know what reviews have been recorded to date?  Can I run a report?

Human Resources will provide to Vice Presidents, Deans, Chiefs of Staff, and Academic CFOs in early Fall term a report showing all completed reviews. 

Reports can be requested from Human Resources throughout the year by emailing

When should I have all of my performance reviews done and recorded for the year?

The timing of the evaluation cycle may vary from unit to unit within the university, based on operational needs. Leadership in each department or division establishes the timeline for completion that best meets their needs. Please contact your unit/department leadership for your specific deadlines and expectations.

While often an important part of the annual salary increase cycle, performance reviews are not just about measuring or awarding salary increases. They also cultivate engagement with an employee by discussing work assignments, evaluating effectiveness, documenting achievements, communicating appreciation, and discussing areas in need of improvement, and establishing goals to guide the work ahead, including what work should continue and what work can be set aside to focus on priorities and better facilitate work-life balance.

Completed reviews should inform a unit’s decisions related to merit increases. Therefore, they should be completed and submitted by the end of October each year.