Religious/Moral Accommodation

The university has an affirmative duty to provide reasonable workplace accommodation for employees' and applicants; sincerely held religious, moral and ethical beliefs. Accommodations come in many different forms. Examples of religious, moral and ethical accommodations may include making exceptions to dress code or grooming requirements, providing periodic breaks so that adherents are able to pray in accordance with the tenants of their religion, excusing absences, providing time off, or a schedule change to permit observance of religious holidays or Sabbath. Each request is assessed on an individual basis, and requests that cause undue hardship to the university cannot be accommodated.

Employees requesting accommodations for sincerely held religious, ethical or moral beliefs are encouraged to complete the UO Employee Request Form Religious/Moral Accommodation and submit it to

In most circumstances, university employees will be asked to come in to HR and discuss the circumstances surrounding their need and request for accommodation. HR recognizes that some employees may be reluctant to discuss their sincerely held religious, moral or ethical beliefs or to request an accommodation. University employees are reminded that requesting an accommodation is protected under the law and retaliation for engaging in protected activity is unlawful and will not be tolerated by the university.


Religious accommodation form