Submission Instructions


Instructions Screenshots

In general, from the University Human Resources Forms, select the form you need to route and you will automatically be navigated to the workflow form at

Enter the UO ID and first and last name for the employee.  Input in the email field.

Enter the Department name.


Upload the file to be reviewed (for instance, PRF, RTO, or PAW.)

        Upload editable PDFs whenever possible, rather than Word documents.

        Classified Performance Appraisals, Sabbatical Applications, and Unpaid Leave of Absence Requests must be signed by the employee (or acknowledged via email attachment).

        All other documents should be submitted without signatures, since they will be approved via

Upload supplemental documentation as needed. Add a description if the filename is not descriptive.

In the Comments field, add any additional notes to assist approvers. Note: these comments will be included in the employee personnel file

Click save when complete to go to the Signature page.



Click Edit to enter approvers in the first three lines of the Signature Block workflow ONLY. Please do not edit the pre-filled approvers, as this could result in the document not being processed. See Signature Role Definitions section below.

Your unit may have unique approvals for documents.  Follow what is typically required for your unit following instructions by your Dean or VP office, this form does not modify the signatures established by your unit.

As the submitter of the document your approval is not required but if 3 is too many approvers for your unit, you, as the “originator” of the form can put yourself as one of the approvers.  Please check with your Dean or VP office if you are unclear of who to put at each step.

If additional approvals are needed, like Provost signature on a document, Human Resources will route to the appropriate appointment authority after their review.




“Other Signature Role” and the title will be pre-filled, but you also have the option to choose the signature role from the dropdown menu, or to customize the title.

Enter the email and name of the approver (use the UO Find People lookup as needed).

The Message will be prefilled – send as-is, or edit if desired.

Click Save to go back to the Signature Block.



Repeat the process to assign the first three approvers. Note: If the document needs to be sent to someone that isn’t an approver, you can send them the form through the CC button.

After entering your internal unit approvers, select “Send Document” to begin the document approval workflow.



Signature Role Definitions

    Dept Head/Supervisor:  Supervisor of the employee or the head of the unit.

    Unit HR/Admin/Budget: If this is a school or college, this should be an individual in the Dean’s office tasked with reviewing or approving documents.

    Dean/Director/VP:  This is the highest level of approver needed for your area.  If this is a school or college put the appropriate Dean approver, all other units choose the appropriate delegated authority in the VP office (as required).

    University HR Review, HR Talent, or HR Classification and Compensation:  Any of these approvals indicate HR has authorized and/or reviewed the submitted documents.

    HR Other:  HR will be using this role to show they bypassed an approval step that is not needed for the submitted document.

    Appointment Authority: If appointment authority is required, HR will assign this role to the appropriate approvers.  For example, this includes the Office of the Provost, VP Research, or other authority as assigned.

    Payroll: As part of the payroll role, they may be marking their task as complete prior to processing in Banner, following the current processing procedures.  If the document is “signed” and you are not seeing the changes in Banner, you can check the status by contacting payroll directly at

    Back Office:  Back office tasks are used primarily to take action on a document after it is completely signed, save documentation for personnel files, or other administrative tasks.  Units may add additional back office tasks for similar unit purposes.

Browser Preferences

If the file downloads or you are unable to preview the document, check your browser application or Adobe settings. The preferred browser is Chrome, but the form does work in Firefox.