Medical Leave Process: On Leave

On Leave Process Overview

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While on leave, it is the employee's responsibility to:

  • Keep HR and supervisor informed.
    Inform their department and HR of any changes to the initial leave frequency as provided by healthcare provider (i.e.. continuous or intermittent, with or without restrictions).
    • Provide periodic medical updates, as requested by HR, from healthcare provider to determine return-to-work status.
  • Report paid leave use.
    Communicate with their supervisor and departmental payroll administrator if and how they intend to use their accrued paid leave (i.e. sick, vacation, comp, etc.).
  • Report attendance.
    Submit the FMLA/OFLA Attendance Record  to their supervisor by the 10th of each month. Protected leave status may be cancelled if an attendance report is not received.
  • File short-term disability claim, if applicable.
    If enrolled in short-term disability, file a claim directly with The Standard insurance company at 1-800-842-1707. Review the Frequently Asked Questions for additional information.

Important Information - Accommodation Requests

  • HR Leaves approves eligibility for FMLA/OFLA leave, but does not approve modified duty requested by a healthcare provider or the employee in connection with their intermittent leave.
    • A request for modified duty, which may include short or long-term changes to job responsibilities, work schedules or assignments, among other things, constitute a request for accommodation, and must be evaluated by the university’s Accommodation Coordinator.
  • HR Leaves will notify the employee and supervisor of leave frequency and restrictions, if any, as noted on the documentation submitted by the healthcare provider. If the restrictions identified require accommodations then the supervisor must contact the Accommodation Coordinator to discuss the matter.
  • Please be advised that the university may be unable to accommodate requests that, for example, reduce performance expectations or require reassignment of essential functions to others. In such circumstances, the employee may need to take continuous FMLA/OFLA leave until they are able to return to work and effectively perform the essential functions of their job, with or without reasonable accommodation.
  • Please keep in mind that an employee may not be asked to remain on continuous leave if their restrictions can be effectively accommodated. Supervisors are encouraged to identify possible solutions to help facilitate the employee’s return at the earliest possible opportunity. Requests for accommodation must be reviewed by the university’s Accommodation Coordinator.

*Supervisor should contact the ADA Coordinator at or 541-346-3159 with questions regarding the accommodation of restrictions

NOTE: Employee must submit Employee Status Report completed by their healthcare provider, 2 days prior to being released to return without restrictions.

The links below provide additional detailed information regarding the employee's responsibilities while on a protected leave:

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