MyTrack User Guide: Managing Approved Requisitions

What you do:

Manage Requisitions from the Dashboard.

From the stacked menu (or 'hamburger menu') in the blue bar at the top of your page,  select “manage requisitions” from the drop-down list.

Requisitions are accessible to the HR Administrator, Hiring Manager, and Unit Director/Head as assigned on the requisition.

What you see:

Manage requisitions.

This screen allows you to see the job number, hiring manager, status, applications, and posting status of any requisitions you are listed as a user on.

You can view applicants by clicking on either the number of applications OR the blue person icon at the far right. 

Job notes and a preview of the job posting are also visible via the icons.

You can access the requisition by clicking on the title.


Search for requisitions.

You can use the search criteria to filter or search for specific requisitions.


Manage a requisition.

If you click on the requisition title, you will be taken to the requisition.  You can view applicants and revision history on the requisition from this screen.

Some fields remained editable on an approved requisition.  You can change search committee members, selection criteria, add/remove hiring manager proxies, or change user roles without restarting an approval process.