MyTrack User Guide: Applicant Card

 What you do:

 Applicant Card

 You can access the applicant card by clicking on the applicant’s name   from any of the manage applications or manage applicants screens.

 The applicant card contains the following information.


What you see:

 Applicant Information

 Biographical data about the applicant.



 This feature only displays the current application for the applicant.  
 You can see the job title, current applicant status, access the offer card,   take actions, view the application form and resume and view any applicant flags.

 To access the applicant materials, click view for either the Resume or   Form. 



 Applicant Card Actions

 You can take actions against the application by clicking on the three dots   menu to the right of the job listing.

 You can add documents, assign or send the application, communicate with the applicant, and view applicant references from the actions menu.

 Job information

 Job information is accessible by clicking on the “i” next to the job number.
 Here you will find the recruitment process, applicants, sourcing, and any   job notes.

 You can leave notes against the job by clicking the yellow note icon under   the job title.



 Historical information is accessible by clicking on the "History" tab of the applicant card, next to "Applications". 

The applicant’s history for the current job includes status changes, notes,  documents, system checks, and communications. You can filter by 'Item' using the drop down menu.

 If you would like to view a copy of an email that was sent to the applicant, select "Communications" from the drop-down menu under 'Item'. After you've located the email you wish to see, click 'View'. A copy of the email will open in a pop-up window including the date and time the email was sent.