MyTrack User Guide: Selection Outcomes & Applicant Statuses (Core Recruitment Process)

What you do:

By clicking the 'Jobs have applicants for review' link within the Applications tile on the dashboard, you will see a list of jobs assigned to you. Click 'View applicants' to see the applications for a specific job.

What you see:

View Applicants

Once you have determined a selection outcome, use the dropdown menu to move the candidate to a new application status.

Select Outcomes

You can set selection outcomes for multiple candidates and save the changes by clicking the submit button which will appear in a bar at the top of the listing. 

Upon submission, applicants will advance to the next status and any automatic communications will be sent (see below).

When an applicant advances, a new set of selection outcomes become available.

Applicants who have been selected not to move forward can no longer be advanced through selection outcomes. A reason for not advancing is required.

Communication - Statuses That Send an Email

  • New
  • Not Considered, Did not Progress
  • Reviewed, Did not Progress
  • Reference Check
  • Contingent Offer Accepted

Search Committee - Statuses that Allow Search Committee Access

  • Qualifications Review
  • First Interview 
  • Second Interview
  • Third Interview
  • Fourth Interview